Sunday's Ponderings

How are ya'll doing? Come on over and have some coffee on this cold, winter night. I'm just glad it is not snowing, sleeting or raining. I have been in all of it and don't care for it. Remember, I am a Southern girl who likes it 80 and rising with a glass of iced tea (sweetened) in my hand. Cannot get a tan when it is 32 degrees and falling.

As you know we were off to the beach last week. We went to Mexico Beach, FL and stayed at the famous or infamous hotel, the El Governor. Now this is the only hotel down there with a couple of small, teeny tiny motels and lots of condos. We like the El Governor for every room has a beach side and we had a corner room with a window on 2 sides. We enjoyed the 2 views unless the crazy pelican came flying almost into the window. I think we were in his flight path and we thought he was coming in to visit, until he veered up and to the right. We sure were glad for we didn't take any pelican food with us and were not prepared to be hospitable to a pelican. Not sure they drink iced tea or coke.

The weather was wonderful with cool nights and warm days. I strolled, walked and ambled on the beach every morning and each evening. Got my feet wet and strolled and looked for shells and found lots of them each morning. You get that beach shuffle of walk a few steps and bend over, walk a few steps and bend over. I can never find too many shells for each one is like a little treasure to me which God scatters on the beach with the help of the waves. I even found one whole sand dollar, which is unusual on this beach. We also found some sea urchins on the bay side at St. John's park. Those are new to us since you don't find these on the Alabama beaches where we usually go.

As I walked and ambled along each day, I met several people each time. I think the AARP crowd likes it down there also and they like to ramble along the beach. Now being from the South, we tend to speak to everyone whether we know them or not and I did. "Good morning" or "Good afternoon", I would politely say with a slight nod of the head and a big smile. Well, some of our northern people didn't quite know what to do. Some nodded, some looked bewildered, some looked at me like I was crazy and some actually returned the greeting.

It was rather amusing to me, for generally the men spoke and the women would not. I wanted to say, "Down heah in the South, we have manners because our mama's raised us right and you always speak when spoken too, you heah?" Some of them were just plain snooty and stuck up, but that's alright for my conscious is clear and mama didn't have to look down and shake her head at me or give me a sermon. Can't understand some people for it doesn't take much to be nice, just a smile and a hello. It wasn't like I was going to stop for a conversation, just being nice. Wake up northern Americans and be nice.

It always amuses me when I am at the beach at what some people wear. It seems that those who need to cover up go nigh nekkid and and those who look good, cover up. Can you figure that one? I saw way too much skin on some people and it was hangin out everywhere. Sure isn't pretty either and they don't even seem to mind but they aren't looking at it are they? I was tempted to go up and say, "Dahlin, when it hangs out and over or under and out, you look a whole lot bettah if it's covered up." That's the lady-like way, but I forget that some from our northern climates were not raised up by a Southern-lady-mama who always told us a little mystery was better than having it all laid out. Worked for me.

The food was great - steamed shrimp and grilled oysters straight from the gulf that day. Just can't get any better and lots of fresh coffee, iced tea and cokes. Now that is something good. Wish I could live like that every day and maybe someday I can.

Glad to be home though and talk with ya'll. I missed you lots.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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