Thursday's Thoughts

Hi ya'll. How are you today? If you aren't busy, come on over for a coke or iced tea with me. I even have cold water for my health conscious friends and it is good, deep-well water. You don't even have to add ice it's so cold. It's like the water from our grandparent's well - cold and sweet. We would get a drink with the dipper and it would be cold enough to make your teeth hurt. I know it's better to have chlorine and all that other stuff in it, so they say, but I like just plain, well water.

I bought a bottle of water on the way to school several years ago and I noticed that it was bottled in Albany, GA from a spring or creek up there. A colleague of mine saw the bottle and the source of the water and busted out laughing. He looked at me with a great big grin and said, "If you knew what we used to do in the spring, you sure wouldn't drink the water." Thanks Sam Lassiter, I really needed that. Most of the time I fill up my bottle with my water for I know where it comes from - about 150 ft. down. Now, if I buy bottled water, my imagination begins to wonder what went on in that water and where in heaven's name did it come from.

I think (for what it's worth) if it has become a status symbol to have a bottle of water in your hand? Sometimes, it seems that way. I know we should drink more water, it's good for you, helps you stay slim and hydrates you, but why in the world would you pay 2 or 3 dollars for a bottle of water? Just find someone in the country, take empty milk jugs and go get some water. I'll share if you want some. We have plenty so come on over and and fill up your jugs. Please rinse them out well, for sour milk and good water would be a terrible combination.

Please don't ask to borrow it though, for I surely don't want it back after you've used it. It always amuses me when people ask questions like: "Can I borrow a kleenex?" Now why would would I want a snotty kleenex returned - throw it in the trash. I have a friend who would ask to borrow the phone. Actually I preferred for them to leave it on the desk, use it and leave it there. The funniest one I have been asked, "Do you have any gum I can borrow?" Now that would be gross. Now as children who didn't have gum all the time, we would take if out at night and put it on the headboard over our bed and start chewing again the next day but we were real careful not to chew another person's gum. That would be nasty.

The big problem with the borrowing thing is that they want to return used kleenex or take you phone away, but won't return the pens, pencils, etc. that they borrow. At times I have made students leave their class rings, driver's license, billfold, or watch with me until they returned a borrowed item. Once, shoes were all he had, so I kept a smelly shoe for a couple of hours. That was kinda rank.

We even have bottled water from our hometown now and I laugh every time I go by the bottling plant. It is called Gees Bend Water and comes from the same aquifer that everybody uses in that area. Now don't get me wrong, it's good water, but I can't imagine anybody paying money for it. It just amuses me to no end.

Now Gees Bend is a famous place where the ladies make beautiful quilts and sell them. It is kinda amusing how much the prices went up when it became and "art form." Now I am not putting them down in any way for I admire those ladies for keeping a craft alive and well, but it is amazing what changes one phrase can bring to a price. I wonder if I can get my crocheted and knitted afghans classified as an "art form?" They are pretty and I do kinda make my own patterns. Think maybe?

Well, I 'm kinda tired today and will be going to the church before too long for a couple of meetings. We are in the planning stages of getting ready to build on to our church. You've heard the term, "Spring is busting out all over", well First Baptist Adel is busting out all over with children and adults. Isn't that wonderful? It is a growing church and quiet fertile and I'm not talking about the dirt. It is an exciting time for us as well as challenging. I know that the Lord will provide if we are obedient to His leading so I am not worried.

Nuff said

The Georgia Peach

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