Sunday's Thoughts

Good evening, and how are ya'll doing? Come on in and have a glass of iced tea for it is getting to be summertime around here. It is 'bout 80 degrees and rising which makes me happy. I like the warm weather as long as I have a glass of tea in my hand. I like to mix pink lemonade mix with my tea I brew. It gives it a nice, little tang I enjoy.

You know as you get older sometimes you get a little wiser, thank goodness. Remember how when you are a child you can't wait until Christmas, Easter and your birthday. As you get a little older you add in the Tooth Fairy and the end of school and summer vacation. When you become a teenager you cannot wait until you can learn to drive, get you driver's license, prom, homecoming, and that first girl or boy friend.

As we become young adults, college is anticipated or the first job, the first car, the first apartment and on and on. We spend our days anticipating the next big event in our lives and they are important, each and every one.

When you get older, you wish it would slow down a tad for these big events begin to occur much to soon. The first baby, the first mortgage, the deaths of family and friends and all too soon, retirement.

Now don't get me wrong, I love retirement! I have time to cook, read, crochet, knit, watch TV or just do nothing. I felt guilty about the "nothing" part until I realized I had earned some nothing time.

It's about now that I finally realized that life is not composed of BIG things, but the little things. Take today for instance. I was drinking coffee and walked out into our sun room to check the bird feeders and there was a beautiful bird that I had not seen in our yard. After checking my bird book, I found it was a gross beak evidently passing through. He had a bright red triangle under his neck and was just wonderful to look at.

A little while later, I saw a squirrel under the feeder cleaning up the dropped bird seed. He looked like a little, furry vacuum cleaner as he busily inhaled the seeds. That furry tale was up in the air, the ears perked up to hear any little sound and was busily filling his little furry tummy. Yesterday, I saw a squirrel inside the feeder, cleaning it up. They are amazing little clowns.

After having missed church last Sunday due to Roy being in the hospital, it was wonderful to be able to go to worship with our church family today. Roy is amazing us with the healing of his knee, so off we went with his cane. Our Christian family were all glad to see us and though it may seem small thing, it was a huge event for us to be welcomed and loved.

God is amazing for there is a young lady whom I had the opportunity to meet lately and get to know just a little. I met her at prayer meeting about a month ago, which I don't usually attend for I help with the youth. However, that night I needed prayer. She was attending for the first time and I introduced myself and sat with her. She told me she has 8 children and one is just a baby with beautiful blue eyes and chubby little cheeks. Being a single mom, she has a hard time, but her spirit is so sweet and she is so warm and loving.

I then had the great privilege of visiting with her on Monday night with our FAITH team and was warmly hugged and greeted. We found out she was a Christian but had never been baptized and was not a member of a church and was a little afraid of walking down the aisle and making that huge step. I offered to go with her and was just waiting until she gave me the signal.

Today when I entered the sanctuary I saw her and got a huge smile and hug and she told me she was ready to join our fellowship and be baptized. I asked her if she wanted me to go with her and she said, "Please." When the invitation was given, I glanced back and she was watching and just waiting for me to give her a smile and off we went. Our pastor was waiting with a huge smile and prayed over this dear lady with compassion and joy.

This may seem like a small event amidst all the big events, but I now have a sweet, daughter in Christ for which I am most thankful. She has the great and awesome privilege to mother and take care of 8 lives and can lead them to know our Lord in a personal relationship. Awesome, glorious, and heavenly are the only words which can describe this day, and those are not enough.

Don't wait for the big things, take the little things like birds, squirrels and going the church each Sunday as the most important events of our lives. Stop and see the little flowers, smell the new mown grass, and embrace each every life God places in your lives each day.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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