Thursday's Thoughts

Spring Sights and SmellsDuck Love - Lime Sink or Duck Pond , Adel, GA

Lazy Lady's Garden - Bell Pepper, green and yellow

My Tomato Patch with a few squash on the side

Honeysuckle - It smells absolutely wonderful - a sure sign and smell of spring

Promise of Oranges (notice the busy bee pollinating)

The Duck Lovers stroll to the pond for a dip

Stump beautified by Blue Cornflowers

Gilded Honeysuckle

Bank of Ferns by a quiet stream

Spring is my favorite season for it reminds me that winter is over and new life is abundant here in the south. The bright green leaves of the the trees washed with spring showers glitter in the sunlight and shimmer like diamonds when the breezes pass by. Flowers are budding, blooming and perfuming the air with their wonderful aromas. Even the blooming weeds and wild ferns beautify our world and we know that nothing was created without a purpose by our Father God. I hope you liked the pictures and I will add some more as spring leads into summer
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

What lovely pictures! Spring is certainly a beautiful time of year.