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Good evening, 'Net buddies. I have a fresh pot of coffee so come on over and have a cup and sit a spell. I'm a little tired for I went to Lowndes High and help my good friends with inventory in the media center. If you don't know what I am talking about I will 'splain it to you.

Every book in the media center has to have it's barcode scanned and then entered into the inventory database so it can be counted. Because there are about 30,000 books and pieces of hardware and audio visuals in this library, it is quite a job. I know for I did it for 18 years. So, in one of my more mellow moments, I volunteered to help. Actually, I need some time with my friends at the school for I miss them. It was a profitable time for I narrowed the count a good bit, but it is a tad strenuous, pulling the books out, scanning and being sure they are all in order. I do miss that sometimes - handling the books - so I got my "fix" today.

I wonder if you watched American Idol last night. I don't watch every show and I certainly don't care for the first shows when they have those people who think they can sing but can't, but I do like the later shows. Some of those people really have good voices and I can see them doing well in show business. It is a harsh business to be in due to the fickle nature of the public, but I am glad some people like it for I enjoy a lot of the music.

The funny part are those people who actually think they can sing outside the closed shower door. Evidently they never taped themselves singing or talking and listened to it or either they are completely tone deaf. Some of them never hit the note and thought they were wonderful.

Now I speak from experience for when I was 9 years old, I thought I could sing. We had a 4-H talent show each year and I thought I would show-case my talent of singing for mama said I had a good voice. I enjoyed singing and sang most all the time for I was a rather happy child and I thought I sounded pretty good also.

Mama began to coach me in the old song "You Are My Sunshine." Now mama had a good voice and sang in the church choir and she taught me how to sing the song, show expression with my gestures and look pretty. Now using my hand gestures was not a chore for me for I can't talk without using my hands. Roy says that if you tie my hands behind my back I will be speechless. I wonder if that's why he bought the handcuffs. Just teasing.

We began to practice and I thought I sounded pretty good, especially when compared to some of those other tone deaf people. Why you should have heard some of those people sing. There were also those who played the piano and some of the band instruments and some were really good and some were really bad. Like any other talent show of fourth graders through 12 grade there are good, bad and how in the heck do they have the courage to stand in front of people. We had it all practiced and perfected and the big night came.

Of course, mama made me a new dress which I don't remember, but all her dresses she made were pretty. I am sure we washed and curled the hair which way back then was long and jet black - opposite of now. Then the whole family of 5 went to the school auditorium to see the talent show. I remember being very nervous and singing the song over and over again so I wouldn't forget the words. I'm not very good at memorizing stuff, so it was a good bet that I could forget the words.

I don't remember much about the show but I do know I didn't win. Who won, I don't have the faintest idea but I am sure they were better than I was. Of course my sweet family assured me I was great and sang in perfect pitch and moved my hands very gracefully and they were greatly disappointed I didn't win.

Now I have an idea the song was not in perfect pitch, the hand gestures looked like a windmill in a strong wind and even though I probably looked good, the better person won. Looking back and knowing my singing ability, which is good enough for a choir but not solo, I wonder how I had the courage to stand up in front of all those people in the Wilcox County School auditorium.

I am sure there were some better than me, some worse than me, but it was a learning experience. I never entered another talent show which I am sure the public is glad. Another day I will tell you about being the bride in the Tom Thumb wedding in the 1st grade. That's a good one.

Now you know why I have not entered the American Idol contest. Isn't it a shame the world is denied my great singing talent! If you believe that, just come and listen to me sing sometimes.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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