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A Trifling Peach Dessert
Good evening. Ya'll come on in the house and have a glass of iced tea and a bowlful of my new dessert I concocted today. I began to put stuff together I had on hand and it is GOOD. I will share it with ya'll and let me know what you think.
Trifling Peach Dessert
Angel food cake slices
4 cups peeled, sliced, peaches (about - will depend on peach size)
1 carton of peach yogurt
Frozen whipped topping - thawed
1 cup Strawberries - sliced and slightly mashed
about 1/2 cup Splenda or sugar
Using a round glass bowl, line the bottom and sides with angel food cake slices. Put a layer of the sliced peaches. Spread the carton of peach yogurt over the peaches. Spread whipped topping over the yogurt and top with additional cake slices. Layer more peach slices in a pretty design on top. I placed them in a swirl pattern. Put a large spoonful of strawberries in center and spoon the remainder around the edges. Garnish with whipped topping in center and add a sprig of fresh mint for a garnish. Keep refrigerated and it is better to let it sit for about an hour for the cake to soak up the juices.
I plan to use my fresh blueberries in place of the strawberries next week for they are just about ripe enough to pick. This could easily be made for a diabetic dessert if you use sugar free yogurt and whipped topping. It is also almost fat free.
Let me know how you changed it so we can all try it.
Happy eating.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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