Tuesday's Thoughts

Good morning on a cloudy Tuesday here in South Georgia. I hope this means we are going to have some rain, for we sure do need it. My flowers and container garden of vegetables told me they were thirsty. Thank goodness we have a deep well so I can give them a drink. God's showers are much better though, for that will give them a good rinsing also.

Ya'll come on in and sit a spell on the "Net" porch and have a fresh cup of coffee. It just finished dripping and it is so good and the smell is better than the taste, if that's possible. I enjoy smelling fresh brewed coffee and drinking it is even better.

When I used to go to the A&P to buy groceries I would buy the coffee beans and grind them there in the store. It would make the whole store smell good and even if I didn't need coffee I would go down that aisle just to smell the coffee.
Wonder if you could make coffee perfume but that might be dangerous for it could cause lots of strange people to walk up close to you just to smell your perfume.

We know spring has arrived in south Georgia! Last night for supper we had the proof when we ate those sweet, fresh peaches. They had been picked yesterday morning or late Sunday for the leaves on some of them were still fresh. I peeled and sliced them and added the last of our fresh, south Georgia strawberries and put this on top of angel food cake. They were sweet, fresh and good enough to slap your grandma for another piece.

Peach season in south Georgia is one of my favorite times of the year. We are blessed to live next to some of our southern Georgia peach growing counties. With a 15 minute drive, we can be at the peach sheds which are surrounded by acres and acres of peach orchards. You can buy them picked or you can pick your own but they are always fresh.
I also appreciate the hard work that goes into raising these delicious fruits for we had an orchard on our place in Camden, AL. Daddy planted about 25 peach trees and it is a labor intensive job. He would spray insecticides, herbicides, and other "sides" to have good, healthy fruit. There was pruning in the winter and praying for rain in the spring and summer. If it rained too much these delicate fruit will turn brown and rot on the tree. It is a lot of work to get this wonderful fruit. Thank you to all you peach farmers.

My favorite place also has other vegetables and they make fresh, peach ice cream all day and it is so good. In a few weeks they will add blueberry ice cream to the menu and that is good also. They have peach preserves, peach nectar, peach jam and anything else you can make from peaches or blueberries.

We have our own blueberry bushes and the berries are beginning to turn pink which mean, blue is on the way! Our blueberries are most enjoyed by us and our friends and our dog, Sitka. I will take her down to the bushes and she grazes on those berries at the bottom of the bushes and smacks her chops when I pull her away.

Blueberries and peaches mixed together are great on cereal or as a dessert. I do believe God made them to ripen at the same time so we could enjoy them at the same time. You know the blueberries are filled with antioxidants and brain stimulator's, don't you? Even if they didn't make you healthier, the taste is wonderful.

We also had fresh cantaloupe last night, but I think we have to thank Florida for that. We live a little less than an hour from the Florida line, so we enjoy their fruits and vegetables also. How blessed can you be?

As peaches and blueberries and all the other good fruits and vegetables ripen around us, I will post some recipes. We eat and freeze a lot of these good blessings for the winter but we eat a lot of them fresh. God is so good to us for we feast on His blessings each time we take a bite of this good food.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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Anonymous said...

This makes me want to go to Barney and get some fresh Peaches...maybe a good ride this evening for Butch and I to take. Thanks for the idea. I think I will make some homemade peach ice cream.

Much love...thanks for the tought...

Linda Fausett