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The Fisherman and Morgan
One June afternoon there was a young fisherman named Sean and young maiden named Morgan. The young fisherman gazed into the distance and thought of the fish he was soon to catch in Belize and thought about how he would cast for these fish. Getting his flyrod and flexing his arm, he began to cast and cast imagining those big fish he would catch.

A young maiden name Morgan slowly approached the fisherman and solemnly watched him gracefully cast the line. Sean asked if she would like to learn and a smile lit up her face as she stood by his side.

What's this, she asked as she looked at the line and patiently explaining he began to teach.

This is the rod and this is the line, he said as she watched with awe.

This is the reel which holds the line and this handle must be turned to bring it in when you catch the "big one."

You see, you hold it like this as he covered her small hand with his big one. Gently he lifted the rod and she watched intently.

Hold the line like this, but not too tight said Sean as he smiled. Enjoying the experience and the pride of passing on his skill was written on his face.

Remember, not to tight or it won't cast he patiently explains.

Watch the line, while I watch the birds, OK?

You did say that was the rod, didn't you?

You cast it like this, he told his young student. Watching and learning, is the name of the game.

Pull it up and prepare to cast and watch the rod and follow through. Lots of instructions for a little girl, but she was enthralled.

See, you can do it, as he watched his young cousin cast the line. A fine fisherwoman you will make some day and your Great, great, granddaddy Burt will smile down on you. A long heritage you have, young one, and you are on your way.

This is fun and now you know how it's done, said the Young Fisherman with a smile.

Look Mama and Daddy, Sean taught me how to catch the "big one." Now a fishing we will go. The beginning, not the end.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach and proud aunt and great aunt


Becky said...

I wish I could have been there to see and hear Morgan as she was learning from Cousin Sean. Sean, keep up the good work and have fun in Belize.

Sam said...

Oh my, how beautiful. Great blog Sis. Burt is busting wide open with pride.