Tuesday's Thoughts

Good evening. Ya'll come on in for a glass of iced tea and visit a while. We just finished eating supper, dinner to a non-southerner, and it was so good. Two of our dear friends brought a delicious meal to show their love to us after the death of my daddy. They are good, Southern, ladies who know how to show love and we thank them.

I thought I would talk about blueberries again tonight for if you don't grow them maybe you should think about it. The plant is pretty and you can grow it in a small space like a shrub, but you get to reap the good fruit. You are aware that blueberries are chock full of antioxidants and is supposed to increase your defenses against Alzheimer's. This is the same disease as all-timers just spelled a little differently. Some of us just have half-timers and hope it doesn't get any worse.

Anyway, blueberries are supposed to help you stay smart so we are eating a whole bunch of them. I am hoping that it will increase my smarts not just keep me from losing some of what I've got. My memory or smarts never have been great so I am hoping to increase not maintain. I am attaching a link so that you can see how easy they are to grow and how you can get smart also.

I took some pictures to illustrate how easy they are to pick and to illustrate for me, I used my sweet, handsome and smart husband. He is also the man I sleep with every night and is my sweetheart. Great to find all the essentials in one man!

You can see they grow in clusters or bunches, as we say, so they are easy to pick. The deep purple are the ripe ones and when ripe they will fall off in your hands.
This is another bunch and some have already been picked. It's easy to know which ones are ripe. If in doubt, eat a couple and see if they are. Of course too much testing and you don't have any for a cobbler.
As you can see, a plastic coffee can is great for picking blueberries. It has a nice handle, not too heavy and holds a whole passel of berries. How do you like that hat? Cool isn't it. You can see he is quite fashion conscious even when picking blueberries for shirt, jeans and coffee can all match and compliment the blueberries.
As you can see, you hold the container under the bunch, place your hand gently around the bunch of berries and roll the ripe ones into the container.
It's kinda like milking a cow but gently is the key word. Do not mash the berries or you will have to eat that one. Just roll gently with the thumb and let it fall lightly in the can.

Now an added bonus to picking blueberries if you don't take care of your bushes and clean out them out each year is the sweet smell of honeysuckle. It smells so good early in the morning while you are picking the blueberries you can almost forgive it for being an invader. You do know you can pick a honeysuckle blossom and touch the end of the bloom with your tongue and get a drop of sweet nectar. Try it, it's good.
So as you can see from the lesson so competently illustrated by Roy, that picking blueberries is not difficult and so try it and have a great treat.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach (who likes blueberries)


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