Monday's Memories

Take a stroll in the woods


Enjoy a grandchild
(Martha and Taylor)

Make a silly face
(Frank and Christina)

Hug a cousin
(Becky and Katelyn)

Enjoy a plate of spaghettios

Share a big grin with a sister
(Taylor and Morgan)

Enjoy the night time coolness

Share good food and talk about it - notice mouths are full to running over
(Roy, Beth and Frank)

Ponder the deep questions of life
(Sam and Greg)

Listen to the sound of chewing
(Christina, Roy, Sean and Beth)

Take a "cat nap"

Watch the ducks at the Duck Pond in Adel, GA

Cool off in the pool
(Brooke, Noah and MawMaw)

Read a good book, Dr. Seuss is my choice

Talk with a cousin
(Jimmy and Beth)

Ponder the big question (anyone know what it is?)

Thinking about going fishing
Become a Grandfather for the first time!!!!
(Sam and Autumn)

Tell and old friend how much you love them
(Miss Pete)

Talk with an old friend who has just come off the Appalachian Trail
(Sam and Glenn)

Watch the hay trucks go slowly by

Enjoy the beauty of creek in Mississippi
(Green's Creek)

Smell the sweet scent of a magnolia blossom and think about the Sweet, Sweet South

Celebrate the 4th of July

Go the the peach shed in Barney, GA and pick a peck of peaches
Smell, eat and enjoy peaches, peaches, peaches

Enjoy my daylilies

This one is Annie Armstrong

Pick blueberries
Eat Blueberries and add peaches and you got some good eating.
Nuff said
The Georgia Peach


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