Saturday’s Memories

Dear friends and family. As many of you know our daddy, left us on June 3, 2009 to go to heaven and see Jesus. This had been his plea for a long time and God was most merciful and took him home while he slept. God is so good! This letter says how I feel about our daddy and I wanted to share it with all of you. Many of you who read this blog knew daddy and those who didn't will understand what a good man he was. We love you daddy and we know you are now at peace with Jesus, mama and Arvin.

Dear Mr. Curl,

On June 7, 2009, Ottis A. Polk was brought back to his beloved Camden in Wilcox County Alabama to be laid to rest next to his beloved wife and son. The saying, "Home is where the heart is" was so true about "Mr. Ott." His heart was in Camden even though he had been moved to Georgia a little over 5 years ago. In his heart and thoughts, he always wanted to go home and that was Camden and Canton Bend.

As we drove through Wilcox County on our way "home", I saw many farms which I knew daddy had helped plan the ponds, the terraces and the farming. He was the Soil Conservationist in Wilcox County Alabama for 34 years and poured his life and his heart into helping farmers improve their land and be better farmers. So many of you or your sons and grandsons were daddy's friends and he enjoyed helping make Wilcox County a better farming community. Many of you have the good farms you now work because of his hard work.

Cub Scout leader, band booster, little league baseball, RAs, and Sunday School teacher were just a few of the ways he helped shape many boys and girls of Camden. He taught you how to live an honorable and Godly life and lived it before you each and every day. Several men and women have told our family that daddy was one of the best influences they had in their lives.

Camden Baptist Church and River Bend Baptist Church were a huge part of his life. He gave large amounts of time to these churches and served in many areas. He was a deacon, choir member, Sunday School Teacher, and a member of many committees in both churches. Church was sometimes more important than family, it seemed to us, for he was gone many hours to the church. We laugh and say if the doors were open he and his family was there or even if they thought about being open. He was a faithful and honorable member of both churches and our family thanks you for allowing him to serve our Lord in these places of worship.

As a husband, he was the best. He loved his dear wife and our mother with all his heart. Tootsie was the love of his life until the day he died. She was his soul mate, his wife, his sweetheart and the mother of his 3 children. Her death took part of him and he was not the same after she went Home to be with her Lord. He longed for the day he would join her and they could praise God with their son, Arvin and all the rest of the family who have gone before.

Our daddy was a special father. He loved us with everything in his being and willingly made many sacrifices of time and money to see we had everything we needed. His love for us showed in all he did. He taught us the value of hard work, honesty, how to enjoy life, how to love, and helped lead all 3 of us to the Lord as our Savior. He lived as an honorable and loving husband and father before us and gave us a Godly example to follow.

A friend which was always there is how many of you knew Mr. Ott. He grew more vegetables than we could ever eat and shared with many of you. He visited you when you were sick, comforted you in sorrow, rejoiced with you in the good times and prayed for you daily. He was a friend who could be counted on at all times.

Lastly, I want to thank the people of Camden living and gone on for loving daddy, mama and us as we were raised in your midst. You did good! Though we don't live there, you are in our hearts and we are who we are because of you. You are part of what we say and what we do and we thank you.

Hollis, I hope you will print all of this for it is something I need to say for Camden had a very, special place in daddy's heart and has in ours.


Frances Polk Robson and the Ottis Polk Family


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