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Upcycling Baskets

Good evening. Come on in for a 'Net chat. It has been another hot day here in South Georgia but I hibernated and stayed in the AC. Thought I would share a couple of projects with you which I completed this weekend. Now I call it Upcycling, rather than recycling for I took something I had and made it better. Upcycycling makes is sound a lot fancier, don't you think?

These are two baskets I bought full of peaches a couple of years back and I have been using them in the bathroom to hold extra rolls of tissue. They are just the right size to hold 2 rolls but I got tired of the plain look and decided to decoupage them using some wrapping paper I had saved.

First I sanded them lightly for they are made from rough wood but I didn't sand them smooth for I wanted the slightly rustic look.

I painted them green with craft paint and wiped them with paper towels so the grain would show through the paint. I wanted more of a washed look than painted. After the paint had dried I lightly brushed on a wood stain, craft paint and wiped again with paper towels to give a slight antiqued look.

These are the pictures I cut from wrapping paper to decoupage on the baskets. The border at the top of the basket was from a paper napkin. I cut the borders from the napkin and then separated the 2 layers before putting them on the basket.

This is the other basket and this picture is also from wrapping paper.

I thought they turned out pretty well and it only took a couple of days from start to finish. They look a lot classier now.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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