Summer in Texas

Good morning, ya'll. I am writing this from the Great State of Texas and it is hoooooot our here but it truly is a great state. We have seen long horned cows, mesquite, the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium, eaten some of the best barbecue you have ever eaten, visited with family and toured the best ice cream factory in the world - Blue Bell. We have also eaten one of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten at Kincaid's Hamburgers. That thing was huge and I ate every bite. The barbecue was at Hickory Hollow in Houston and we had lunch with the cowboys and oil folks and it was good.

Now all that food was good, but not as good as what my kin folk cook. The Johnsons and the Polks know how to feed company! I think I have gained another 10 pounds already and looking for more. We are enjoying every mouthful and so thankful for family who loves us.

Have you ever seen a nutria? We had not until we went to the park with our niece and great nieces. They are large rodents and were actually cute except for the long rat tail. They have great, big, orange buck teeth which really need and orthodontist. When they come up to you and grin a great big welcome those big, orange teeth just ruin your first impression. They were brought from South America for their fur, but it looked a little rough to me. We did enjoy watching them and they surely are great swimmers.

If you have never eaten Blue Bell ice cream, I really feel sorry for you. It is wonderful! Now you have to live in one of ten states to enjoy this treat. The creamery has been in production since 1947, I think and they only have 3 plants - Texas, Alabama, and Oklahoma. When you tour the creamery, you get to sample and I was tempted to tour several times.

As you can tell, we are enjoying our visit to Texas and it is not a place I would want to live, but we sure do not want to live here.

Ya'll take care and talk to you soon.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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