Tips for Cleaning Safely and Frugally

Good evening, ya'll. Come on in and have a cup of coffee with me. There is nothing better than a cup of coffee on a cloudy fall afternoon. I am praying for some rain for it is about dry as a bone around here. It seems to rain all around us but not ON us so I guess we will have to pay the preacher more. That's what mama always said.

I'm sort of brain dead tonight so I think I will fill a request made a couple of weeks ago. It seems in these times of financial stress - don't have a lot of money - times that some of our younger people need a little help from us older, more seasoned people. So I am going to give you some tips for making a dollar stretch until it hollers, "Calf rope!" That means I have had enough so let me loose. Not sure where it came from but in our family that was our ENOUGH signal.

Now I wasn't raised in the dark ages, but we were raised awhile ago, out in the country, 1 car and lived on a fixed income. Our daddy worked for the US Dept. of Agriculture and farmed some. We had plenty but mama and daddy knew how to live well but frugally and taught us to work hard, spend carefully and make do with what you've got. Roy was raised the same way so we have lived together for 46 years working hard and living well but frugally. I believe this qualifies me to give you few tips that I still use to stretch a dollar until it hollers
"Calf Rope."

Cleaning tips:
Vinegar is one of your best friends for cleaning. White or apple cider vinegar can be used, but I usually use the cheap, white, by the gallon brand from a dollar store.
1. Clean your washing machine - once a month run a wash cycle with 2 cups of vinegar in the water - cleans all the leftover soap from around the tub.
2. Clean dishwasher - use 1 cup vinegar with your cycle to clean the dishwasher and make your crystal and china sparkle
3. Unclog a slow drain - pour 1/2 cup baking soda down drain and follow with 1 cup vinegar. It will bubble the clog out if it not too bad and make the drain smell nice. Follow with warm water.
4. Remove glue left by stickers or labels - rub the spot with vinegar. Removes the sticky stuff.
5. Clean microwave and remove odors from microwave - place 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in a glass bowl and microwave for about 4 minutes. Leave door closed until this cools and dip cloth in this liquid and wipe the inside of the microwave. This is good when you burn the popcorn!!!
6. Clean and deodorize refrigerator - wipe the inside of the fridge with warm vinegar and water solution.
7. All purpose cleaner - mix vinegar and water to clean most everything - counter tops, windows, and it is good to mop your floors.
It is also non-toxic which is great for kids and pets. A good website giving more tips is 1001 Uses for White Vinegar .

1. Refrigerator deodorizer - take half box of baking soda - cut off the box top and place in fridge. In about a month replace and use the old box of baking soda to clean the refrigerator.
2. Remove stains - remove coffee and tea stains from cups, glasses and counter tops. Sprinkle a damp sponge with baking soda and scrub the stain.
3. Clean thermos - Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda in thermos and fill almost full of water. It will clean the stains and deodorize.
4. Freshen sponges - Sprinkle wet sponge with baking soda and let soak overnight. Rinse and use. Removes odors and cleans
5. Remove baby spit-up - keep a small container of baking soda in diaper bag. When baby spits up, brush of the solid matter, dampen a cloth,dip in baking soda and dab the spot. Removes the sour odor and prevents spotting. This has save me many a day when raising our kids.
6. Deodorize sneakers - sprinkle the inside of the shoe with baking soda, leave overnight and dump out in the morning OR take an old, white sock, fill up the toe with baking soda, tie a knot in the sock and place in sneaker each night.
7. Litter box deodorizer - sprinkle baking soda liberally in the litter box with litter to absorb some of the odor.
8. White teeth - use baking soda instead of toothpaste to whiten teeth.
9. Itching - Sprinkle about 1/2 box of baking soda in bathtub of warm but not hot water. This will relieve itching from insect bites, poison ivy or sunburn.

Website with additional uses - 30 baking soda tips

Random tips:
To make house smell good - simmer a pan of water with a cinnamon stick or powdered cinnamon, vanilla extract, and any citrus peels you have saved - lemon or oranges. You can use any spices you have and don't boil but simmer.

Shampoo - Pour half your shampoo in an empty shampoo bottle and fill remainder of both bottles with water. Shake well. Shampoo is very concentrated and most beauty salons do this.

Shampoo also cleans your rings - put a little shampoo on an old toothbrush and gently scrub your rings.

Carpet cleaner and deodorizer - sprinkle carpet with baking soda, sweep in with broom, and vacuum the next day.

Remove ink stains - soak the spot with rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before washing.

Keeping flour and meal bug free - put a bay leaf in the container

This a good website for all you moms Frugal Mom

That is about all I can remember tonight, but will add more as I think about them.

Ya'll have a good night and talk to you tomorrow.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


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