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Good evening, ya'll. Come on in the house and have some iced tea, sweet of course or I have some cold cokes and I can rustle up some bought cookies if you would like. I have stopped drinking coffee this late for it keeps me up and unless I'm reading a good book I need my beauty sleep. If you want some I will make you some and drink my iced tea.

We were blessed last night to be asked to take a visiting missionary out for supper. Our church association is having a mission emphasis and we have a missionary from Brazil as our guest. It was a most enjoyable evening and of course we carried her to our favorite place to eat, The Catfish House. Their food is great and the service beyond compare - Southern to the bone. Now I didn't eat catfish but went high class and had grilled flounder and boy was it good. I like the catfish but felt like eating something different.

Our guest was pleased with the choice and we were pleased to find out she and her husband are living over on Jekyll Island. This is one of our favorite places to go and enjoy the ocean and good food. There is some food over there you would "slap your mama for another bite" good and the atmosphere there is laid back and enjoyable. Think we need to make a trip real soon.

Roy and I went bargain hunting today and found some! I had read about the Habitat for Humanity Restore stores and we have one in Valdosta. It has a WIDE variety of good stuff and you can spend hours just looking at the stuff. Of course they have anything you need to build or remodel, used furniture, blinds, mirrors, dishes, and even linens. It is a wonderland of STUFF.

We were looking for a storm door but that they didn't have. Roy did find a large computer table for $15.00 to use in his shop for a saw table and we found a new light for over the mirror in our bathroom for $6. It is new and in the box and I am sure retails for more than twice that much. There was lots and lots of wallpaper and I found a roll that looks vintage to line shelves and drawers with. It has a vinyl finish so it will look great in the kitchen cabinets and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It was a complete roll for $2.50. There were some china drawer pulls I wanted but need to measure first.

There is a myriad of stuff there even some church pews. Now if you want a back seat in the church, hurry on down there and get you one. I tried to get Roy to get a lovely avocado green toilet to put out by the pond to plant petunias in but for some reason he said not on your life. He was serious as a heart attack so I guess I will have to find another planter. There was also the bathtub but I thought that would be too big to fill up with petunias.

If you are interested, it is on Cypress Street in Valdosta and if you go to the Habitat website you can see if there is a store close to you. They do have some good buys. They had some beautiful, large mirrors for $20 which I recognized the brand and would cost 3-4 times that much in another store. Go wander around for the merchandise changes often.

We then went by the Dollar Tree for me to get the items for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. I buy the plastic shoe boxes, line them with Christmas paper and fill them up. This will give the child a storage box to keep the treasures in. I love to do this and just imagine the child's face as the box is opened and enjoyed. If you are interested in this, go to the Samaritan's Purse website and go to Operation Christmas Child. It is a Dr. Franklin Graham project and of course anything the Graham family is involved with is great.

At the Dollar Tree, I also found egg rolls, individual pizzas and shortbread cookies which we had for supper. They had Libbey glasses I passed up but did get some Christmas place mats to make some Christmas tote bags for presents. The Duncan Hines brownie mixes were just too tempting to pass up for brownies are one of my weaknesses. It's amazing what you can find in there and I can spend an hour just looking.

There is a blog I follow called The Simple Dollar which has great ideas for saving money and living frugally and I have linked it for you. I have learned a lot by reading this blog so try and see if it will help you also.

One last tidbit before I say bye, for a quick snack for Halloween, mix candy corn and salted, roasted peanuts in a pretty jar. Karen Croft, a school friend, taught me this and the sweet/salty combination is good. You could package some in the little, plastic snack bags for trick or treating.

That's it for today and I hope maybe I gave you some ideas for saving a little money and when you are living on retirement incomes, you learn how to do that. Ya'll have a good night and talk to you tomorrow, maybe.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


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