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Good morning. Ya'll come on in to the 'Net Porch and have a cup of coffee and some hot Cocoa Chocolate Chip scones with me. They are still warm from the oven and these 3 are all I have left. Now don't get the idea that I ate the others for I have only had one. I sent the rest to the church staff by Roy for they are all skinny and young. This gives me an opportunity to bake but not eat "the whole thing." Ya'll know I am trying to lose some of my "fluffiness" and not doing so well. I love to cook and love to eat so it is an uphill battle but fighting. Ya'll pray for me for my will power around good food is nill, nada and none.

In case you would like to make some of these scones, I used a cocoa chocolate chip mix from Sticky Fingers. I modified it by using 3/4 cup of brewed coffee instead of the water called for in the mix. Chocolate and coffee are a great combination and this made good tasting scones. I find these mixes mostly at World Market but you can order them on line also. All of the mixes I have tried, and that is all the ones they make, are good.

It is a little cool here today and the wind has been blowing for about 24 hours making it seem cooler. I know it is November and winter is supposedly here, but it doesn't make me happy to have to wear long sleeves and jeans. Now I don't mind the jeans but I really don't like having to put on more than one layer of clothing but I'm not fretting for here in South Georgia it will be warm tomorrow. In fact, it is supposed to be in the 80's come Sunday. I love living in the South!

Because it is kinda dreary outside I decided to brighten up a corner in our sun room with the table cloth pictured below.

I had this pretty flowered chintz remnant and the green one I had bought from who knows where several years ago and I found a large roll of this lace at Goodwill. I cut the chintz into a square and cut the green in 4 strips. I didn't have a lot of the green so I folded it lengthwise in four equal strips and used what I had. I then sewed the green strips around the square of flowered chintz as if I was bordering a quilt top without mitering the corners. You do this by sewing one side then the opposite side and then repeat this with the other 2 sides. Then I did the lace the same way- without mitering corners. After I pressed all the seams to the left of the seam, I top stitched where the lace joined the green with pink thread and the zigzagged a top stitch where the green joined the pink.

The table is a lamp table which belonged to my great-grandmother and I think this colorful cloth brightens it and the corner. I have enough scraps of the chintz to cover at least one pillow and if I can find some more complimentary colors in my stash, maybe I can make a few more. We just about live in our sun room and I want to brighten it up for winter's dreary days.

This picture sorta reminds me of the old, children's song, "Brighten the Corner Where You Are." Now if you are a perfectionist about your sewing, don't look too close, for it's not perfect by nigh near it. The tray holding magazines and the blue dish holding the candle are both Goodwill finds and the lamp was an inherited piece from Roy's mom. You can't see it really well but in the upper right corner of the table is my great-grandmothers wooden butter mold. I just love old stuff that belonged to our families.

I hope you will have a good day and I enjoyed our little visit and maybe you will try the scone recipe. Remember that coffee instead of water in mixes is a good thing. I use it in my brownie mixes most of the time.

Come back to see me soon.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


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