Shopping in Walmart

Good evening, ya'll. Come in the house and get warm by the fire. It is right cold outside and we are enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. We bought a stainless steel reflector which goes behind the fire and reflects the heat into the room and it works well. I think the next item I want is a little fan which looks like a little cast iron dragon to sit on the hearth to blow the heat out. He is just so cute I want him to keep me warm.

If you have small children in your house for Christmas you might want to use my "bright" idea for their presents. We had several and will probably buy more for our great-grandchild, Noah and rather than wrap each one separately I bought the big gift bag and placed them in it. He is about 18 months old and could care less about the wrappings so I made it a little easier for him. I have a rubber band around the top so I can add more "stuff" and Christmas Eve I will add a great big red bow around the top. The bag is plastic and we can use it for trash or for him to use as a toy bag. I thought it was a pretty good idea and maybe you can use it also.

I am just about finished with my Christmas shopping but still have several to make. Since the gift receivers read my postings, I will wait until after Christmas to share some ideas with you. I have knitted and now I am sewing to make some people happy, I hope.

After shopping for a few items in Walmart yesterday, I have come to the conclusion many people don't know how to be nice, as mama used to say. There are some loonies walking around in this world and I ran into a few yesterday. Made an interesting shopping trip but I was thoroughly disgusted by the time I got back to the truck.

The first experiences I had was the "pushing of the carts crazies." They seem to think it is perfectly OK to walk 2 carts abreast with 10 people around them down the aisle. There is no way on this green earth to get by them and they are walking at half speed and yakking up a storm. You say "Excuse me. May I get by?" and they look at you like YOU have lost your mind. Finally you make a right turn down another aisle and try to escape them. No way for here comes another group taking their afternoon stroll down the Walmart aisle. After awhile you run out of aisles in trying to escape.

The dangerous ones yesterday were the ones in the motorized carts driving at about 90 miles an hour. Of course you have to give way to them for some of them are handicapped and need the carts to get around but it seems that some of them might just loose a leeeetle weight and park the carts. Many of them are very nice people but some of them need a red flag on a tall pole on the back so you can see them coming and get out of the way for here comes "Speedie." Now if you are handicapped don't get your panties in a wad or your jockey shorts in a wedgie for I am not talking about you unless you are guilty of trying to run me over. If that is the case, slow yourself down a little before I have to have one of those carts.

I thought I was going to have to call security yesterday for 2 customers were about to have a knock down dragout in the detergent aisle. The choices of dishwasher detergent are growing by leaps and bounds and I was trying to locate the most for the least price and it takes a bit of time. Two ladies, and I use the term loosely, were trying to decide which aroma of candles they wanted to make the house smell like they had been cooking - apple or cinnamon. I'm thinking with the long red fingernails and the heavy blue eyeliner they had on, they don't do a lot of that.

One had a baby in a baby carrier in the cart and this rather grungy man came up, pushed the buggy out of the way and began to search for a scent eraser to use in his house. Now by the looks of him a good hot bath would have been a better choice for I don't think any of the "smell good stuff" was going to do him much good but he was trying and the buggy with the baby was in his way. So he just pushed it about a foot to his left.

Now you would have thought he had picked up that baby and run out of the store with it with me, it's mama and grandmother plus about a hundred other people looking on. That mama lit into him with a screeching voice that would make a fingernail on a blackboard sound good. He got his hackles up and informed her he wasn't in any mood to put up with her ---- and she responded in kind and I got the heck out of dodge. She was shouting and he was shouting and I thought we were going have a fight in the detergent aisle and we needed more than detergent to clean up the language.

I told a clerk who was standing there watching he might want to get security and he disappeared never to return and it looked to me like the screaming banshee was well capable of handling the situation so I escaped to the front of the store. I saw her later with smoke coming out of her ears and flames shooting out her nose looking for security but I think they had run out the back door. As for the man, he knew when to disapear also. Now I reconized the mother as a former student where I taught and she has always had a very short fuse and colorful language. This was the wrong mama to tick off. Wow, what an exciting time in Walmart.

Check out lines were interesting also. I had only 11 items, which I had counted carefully to be sure it wasn't over 20, so I headed to the fast lane. No way was it fast for there were 3 in front of me but they were waiting on a price check and we waited and waited. The clerk began to file her nails so I took that as a hint it was going to be a while so I went to another lane but a young man just cut right in front of me. He said he didn't see me and maybe that's true for I am rather short so I showed him another lane with a shorter line and off he went.

As I began to push my buggy with 11 items to the cashier, 2 big, fat women cut right in front of me. About that time my phone rang with my husband wanting to know if I was going to spend the day in there and she just looked at me and said, "Oh, I didn't see you." and pushed right on in the line. Well if looks could have killed, we would have had to call the undertaker to come and get her.

Now smoke was coming out of my ears and I was slightly ticked off and about to throw a hissy fit when the cashier in the next aisle said, "Come on over here, sweetie, before I close up." We discussed the bad manners of some people and how their mama didn't do a good job raising them and said "Bless their hearts" loud enough for them to hear and I got checked out before they did. Now being a lady and raised by a good Southern mama I did not give her a one finger salute but I just smiled sweetly as I strolled by and said, "Bless your heart, now ya'll have a nice day." I couldn't help but rub it in her face just a little.

Well, those are my experiences in Walmart yesterday and people wonder why I like to shop there. It's better than a movie any day and twice as exciting. It also proves the point I have made to a friend of mine that some people just don't need to reproduce for we have enough of them already.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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