New Year's Eve

Hi, ya'll. Come on in and have a glass of tea for it is a warm day down here in South Georgia. The weather man/woman/person, said it would be cold today but they missed it by a mile for it is short sleeve weather out there. Now I am not complaining for it would be fine for me if it NEVER got cold for I am a Southern girl who does not like to be cold.

Well, it's almost another year - 2010 and according to the news person we should say twenty-ten not two thousand ten. Now I don't know who died and made him god for the day but I intend to say two thousand ten if for no other reason than I am a hard-headed Polk mixed with Williamson and that means a hard head, stubborn and don't tell me I have to. When that happens I usually say "Watch me." Now the good Lord is working with me about this weakness I have but so far it is a work in progress.

Anyway, back to a new year, I am looking forward to it. It's kinda like a new notebook for school filled with 100 sheets of clean, white paper and several newly sharpened pencils to write with. It was always a little daunting but so much fun to fill that first sheet of paper with letters or numbers and the other pages filled up quickly and you soon needed another 100 sheets and some new pencils.

A new year is sort of like that for we have a new Life Journal filled with 365 clean days and our sharpened minds to write our Life's Journey on these days. The first day will be a little daunting but the other 364 seem to fly by like the second hand on our watch. Each day they seem to fly a little faster and soon we will be opening Life Journal number 2011.

It is an exciting time for me because I know I have less years to come than are in the past. Face it, I won't live forever nor do I want to. Living past your friends and family and growing old alone is not my "cup of tea." This means I have to open that Life Journal on January 1, 2010 and begin writing my journey and fill each day full of excitement. I intend to learn everything I can, experience all I am able to, and laugh a lot. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

This past year taught me a lot but I'm not sure it will make me any wiser in writing my journey this year for we as humans tend to think we know it all regardless of life experiences. Invincible is our name and we cannot be harmed is our creed. Sadly, this is not true in many cases and we would be wise to remember the times in our past when we failed and learn from the experiences but we probably will not for remember, Invincible is our name.

I learned a great many new things this past year which will certainly make this year different for me. I have extended my vocabulary to words like blog, tweet, posting, messaging, and Facebook. Facebook brought renewed friendships, long lost kinfolks, Bejeweled Blitz, Word Drop, Whiz Words and lots of time catching up on the news of my friends. My blog, gives me the opportunity to run my mouth but you can click off of it, share recipes, crafts and occasionally a little wisdom. It has given me the opportunity to write that book I always wanted to write in bits and pieces for my ADD, ADHD and BADD tends to hinder my spending long hours writing, rewriting, etc. The blog is just right for I can write in spurts and you have the blessing to either read it of click off.

There were great times this past year with the birth a new great-niece. Autumn Laurel, a new grandson-in-law, and enjoying retirement immensely. We have a new fish pond ready to stock so I can walk out the front door, take a few steps and cast a line. A trip to Texas was the highlight of our year and we look forward to going back if they will have us. We have had fun just doing what we wanted to and either being productive or non-productive. It's been good.

It also had it's sad moments for our daddy went home - his eternal home. Someone said the other day that they were sorry we had lost daddy and after they left it hit me. We haven't "lost" daddy, mama, Arvin, Papa Roy and Mama Minta for we know exactly where they are. They aren't "lost" but they found the way to eternal life with Jesus many years ago and now they are "home" never to have to leave. What is even greater is that we won't be "lost" either for we found the way "home" a long time ago and will be joining them. That is shouting time and we remember their lives here but are joyous in their home going.

Now don't get me wrong, we miss them immensely but we don't sorrow and mourn for they are well, strong, no pain, no sorrow and in the light of God the Father forever and ever and ever. Smile and rejoice with us through the tears of memories.

Well, I guess you have to go for you have been patient to spend a little time on my 'Net Porch with me today and I have enjoyed every minute. Be careful going home and have fun tonight ringing in the New Year. As for me and Roy, we will probably be in bed early for we are a little long in the tooth. Don't forget to leave your black eyed peas soaking to cook tomorrow and I hope you got your turnip greens or collards washed and ready and don't forget the cornbread. Good eating!

Happy New Year,

The Georgia Peach

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