Front Yard Pond
Good evening on a cold January day from South Georgia. I'm about to make a pot of coffee, put a fire in the fireplace, finish watching the Cotton Bowl and probably take a nap. If you would like come on by and take a nap with us. The picture above is our front yard pond and this is the view from my desk where I write my blog. It is beautiful with the sun glinting off the ripples. I enjoy the beauty that God so graciously blesses us with each day and I plan to enjoy the fish we are putting in it soon. Fried bream, hushpuppies and slaw is a meal fit for a Georgia Peach and her man.

As you know, we spent Christmas in Camden at the home place and I did not have time to put up a Christmas tree so this was our substitute. There are several great, big cedar trees growing in the woods by the yard and these are some branches I cut and put in a pretty pitcher. The nandina berries are from the front yard and added a touch of color to a rustic, country, Christmas arrangement. Because we were all adults, it didn't really matter we didn't have a traditional tree and this lovely arrangement did just fine. I love the smell of cedar and miss it over here in South Georgia for there are not many around here. Maybe I will transplant one from Alabama and see if it will grow in this South Georgia sand.

Our Christmas celebration was rather a lazy affair this year with our children, grandson and granddog. As you can see from the picture of Precious, we relaxed a lot. She had found some of my yellow yarn and played until she was just plumb worn out. This is what you call "total relaxation."
Of course Roy had his book, which he always has and read at least one book while we were home. When I married this man he had read very few books ,if any, and only those assigned in school. If he could find the illustrated comic book of the assignment he read that. After we were married a few years and I always have 1 or more books to read, he kinda got the habit and now he is like me - if you have only one book left to read you panic and go buy some more or go to the library. Don't tell me you can't teach an old dog new tricks although he wasn't that old when we got married.

I spent a good bit of time crocheting an afghan. I took the granny squares Mama had crocheted years ago and all the yarn I found in the house and put it all together for a most colorful afghan. The blocks are in the center and I just crocheted borders around them using several kinds of stitches. I used single and double crochet, some half-double crochet and whatever other stitch I felt like as I went along. It turned out pretty well and that is the one behind Roy's back on the chair.

We came home on Tuesday and we go through a small town called Brundidge, AL. It is right below Troy and this is a building they have redone and use it for a little theater, I think. The windows have been painted to look like drapes and scenes you would find in a home. It has always fascinated me for it is on a corner and if you have to stop for the traffic light you can look at it. I like the name too for "We Piddle Around" just fits Roy and me these days. You would almost swear those are real drapes but take my word for it, they are painted on the window.

Down the road again is our theme song these days and this was a lovely stretch of road between Greenville, AL and Troy, Al and was perfect for me to try out my camera. Even in the winter the South is beautiful and we love it.
That's about it for today and the coffee is ready and the chili is waiting to be warmed up. We had chili and fried cornbread for lupper (lunch and supper) and it sure was good. It will also be good tomorrow for lunch after church.
Ya'll have a good afternoon and come back to see us sometimes.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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