Good to be Home

Good evening, ya'll. I know I have been gone awhile but it's good to be back home in Adel, GA. Come on in and have a cup of coffee with me. I found an easy way to have coffee mocha today. Coffee and chocolate are 2 tastes that I dearly like and to have them at the same time is almost heaven. Take a hot cup of coffee and add a package of instant hot chocolate mix and stir well. You can also stir it with a cinnamon stick and add another layer of flavor. Stirring your coffee and hot tea with a cinnamon stick adds a wonderful flavor to both. If you are a coffee purist, just skip this conversation but I like to try new flavors as well as drink straight coffee. It's hard to mess up a good cup of coffee.

We went back home to Camden this past weekend to help our granddaughter and great-grandson move into our home place for some months. Her husband is in Iraq and she wanted to be close but not with family to help her with Noah, who is 2, and her new baby girl who arrives in May. Since the house is furnished, ready for occupation, and lonely, she asked to be able to live there awhile. Of course the answer was "yes" for which grandparents can say no to a grandchild. The other joy is that they are only about 5 hours away rather than 24 hours.

We are glad to see life back in the home again. When I awoke on Sunday morning, I heard the pat, pat, pat of little footsteps running through the house and it was music to my ears. It was almost like hearing the footsteps of the 3 of us as we would run through with mama saying, "Stop running in the house." Not sure why she kept saying it for we would slow down for about 5 minutes and then away we would go.

I don't think I ever walked anywhere I went until I got too old to run for I have always been in a hurry. Never could figure out why running in the house was not acceptable behavior until we had 2 of our own and then the noise, skinned knees and elbows and the sound of a herd of horses made sense. It's amazing how having your own children makes you appreciate your parent's discipline.

It is amazing the difference a 2 year old, a dog named Harley, a ferret named Cocoa, and a mother can make in an empty house. There was life again and it smelled like home and looked like home with toys scattered everywhere, the patter of little feet, laughter, hugs and food cooking in the kitchen. There was often 2 TVs playing, washing machine running, doors being opened and shut and busy people everywhere. This is what our home used to be like and it is so good to see it like that again. I know that old house appreciated being filled with life again.

Now our granddaughter is a brave lady for this home is in the middle of nowhere. It is in rural Alabama, a few miles from the Alabama river, surrounded by pine trees and quiet. We have added satellite TV, wireless Internet is coming, and the neighbors have been alerted to the house being occupied. The town is small and mostly uneventful but will embrace them and because they are Tootsie and Ott's family they will be loved and cared for. That is after they have asked her a million questions. Camden is a wonderful place to live if you want peace and quiet and people to care for you.

It was interesting to watch the basset hound, Harley, begin the adjustment to being an outside dog. Harley has been raised in an apartment in Texas, never slept outside or been fenced in and never been out in the country. We fixed him a nice big fenced in area, bought a dogaloo, spread a layer of clean hay in it and brought out food and water bowls. Well, needless to say, she was an unhappy pooch to be away from her buddy, Noah, and shut up in a pen in a strange place. Being a hound, she howled and howled and howled until we didn't even notice the sound. I hope our neighbors across the road didn't hear her but if they did they would never say anything for that is the way of the South. She finally went to sleep the first night and the second night was better until a deer strolled through the yard and she went berserk. She had never seen anything which looked like that before and she set up howling to the top of her voice. Bless her heart, I guess she thought that was a strange looking dog which didn't bark and was a whole lot taller than she is. I would like to have seen her when that deer came through which they do a lot.

She has lots of new animals to meet such as possums, coons, fox, and squirrels. This will be a whole new world for her and when they have to leave she may want to stay and remain a country dog. Because her world revolves around Noah she will go wherever he goes and be satisfied. He can pull her long ears, put his hand in her mouth, drag her by the tail and pinch her and she wags her tail, licks his face and looks at him with adoring, big, brown eyes. It's interesting I do the same thing.

Well, that is about all the time I have to sit and talk today but I appreciate you stopping by and ya'll come back to see me. I'll try not to stay away so long for I have a couple of new recipes for you to try. My niece tried the hamburger and potato casserole and she said it was good. She used deer burger and added some chili powder and said it was quite tasty.

Have a good day.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


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