Good morning, ya'll. Come on in to the Net Porch and have a seat. I'm out of fresh coffee but will be glad to make another pot for I've only had 3 cups and that is about 3 cups short. A hot cup of coffee on a cold, winter morning is the best.

We have had a wonderful visit from our granddaughter, Brooke and our GREAT grandson, Noah. It is never long enough to suit us for we enjoy having them so much. The only thing which would have made it better was to have our grandson, Jimmy to join us and then it would be like it once was. We always enjoyed the visits of our grandchildren through the years so we could spoil them for a while. I realize those days are gone but I still wish we could recreate a few of those good times.

Noah was introduced to the pond in the front yard and he helped us feed the fish. He has a right good pitching arm and most of the food landed in the pond. The fish are teeny tiny so we did not see them but they will grow and I am looking forward to taking him fishing one day soon. The problem will be to keep him out of the pond for he is a water baby - loves to swim.

The picture above is his discovery of a toothpick. Now before all you moms get your panties in a wad and throw a hissy fit about the safety issues of this object, I was right by him and we talked about how to sit still with the sharp pointed object. You have to understand he is a two-year-old genius and can understand what you are saying. When he got down out of the chair he gave me the toothpick to throw in the trash. He hands you trash and loudly tells you, "Trash" and wants you to immediately toss it in the trash can. If you don't he repeats the word more loudly and points at the trash can. He is a "do it now" little man.

This is our little "country boy." He has all the necessary items in hand - toothpick and guitar, and is dressed in proper country boy attire. The overalls or "overhauls" as daddy used to call them, are the dress code for a farmer and Noah likes all the pockets and the he puts his hands behind the bib and struts around like a little bantam rooster.

The guitar is one of his favorite instruments. He also has a keyboard and plays with both of them. I am so glad he enjoys music and has great sense of rhythm. The little head bobs, the feet tap and he dances with the music just like a future country singer. Now we will allow some rock too and maybe he will have his own genre of music - never can tell.

As you can see, he is already composing music and it is serious business. You an also see he has learned to wear just a few clothes while composing which allows him the freedom he needs to move around and not be hampered by clothing. This will surely help him to think freely and not have a "costume malfunction" unless the pull-ups fall off.

This is his introduction to the back scratcher by Papa. He found it by the bed and brought it to his papa for an explanation of this new and strange object. His initial thoughts were a rake to work in the garden, then he tried playing golf with it but he and papa had a serious conversation on the proper use of the wonderful tool.

You can see from the look of complete satisfaction that he totally understands how wonderful this tool feels when lightly rubbed up and down on the back. This is a Robson thing for all of them love to have their back's scratched. I have told everyone that if I ever get in the bed and Roy doesn't turn on his side and say, "Scratch my back," I am going to call 911 for he is gone. This is also how I used to get our children to sleep in church. Just begin to scratch their backs and they would go right to sleep. Noah is just following in his family's habits. Of course, Papa is enjoying it also.

He is helping his Mama pick out some jewelry that MawMaw has made. He thought it was right pretty and picked out some nice pieces for his mama to wear. The little hands are very busy and we are having to teach him to be gentle and this is quite a job.

This is his new habit which is funny but not so funny. He points at you, shakes his finger and says, "NO", quite forcefully. If you don't heed his command the finger begins to shake back and forth with additional commands of no. Brooke put him in time out to try to explain why he shouldn't do this and I had to laugh for she was shaking her finger at him. Isn't parenthood an easy job? They are truly monkeys and if monkey sees, monkey does. He has quite a demanding face here, doesn't he?

Well, I've got to go fix some dinner (lunch to a non-Southerner) for Roy should be home in a little bit. The coffee is gone and I've got to accomplish something today although I had rather sit here on the Net Porch and talk with you. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow and ya'll take care and come back to see me.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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