Jello Dessert

Good evening. Ya'll come on in the house and sit a spell and have a cup of coffee. Maybe it will be warm tomorrow for I am tired of cold weather and I need to wash some windows. When the bright, winter sun shines in them and you see a multitude of dirt and spider webs in the corners, it is time to wash windows. It has been so cold I was afraid the water would freeze on the panes so I have been looking through the dust.

Our house faces due east in the morning and due west in the afternoon so we get lots of bright sunlight. This wonderful sun shining in the house shows all the dust I haven't mopped or dusted away. I can ignore it so long but it is past ignoring and I am getting the cleaning bug and need some warmer weather. I have a clean house just not an immaculate house.

The Winter Olympics have been great this year. I'm not sure why these snowy, icy, cold sports fascinate me but I think they are wonderful. What an experience it would be to glide across the ice or fly down a hill on 2 little, flimsy boards or even 1 little board and live to tell about it. The one time I have been on ice skates was many moons ago in North Carolina. We carried group of youth from the church to somewhere to an ice skating rink. I had never had those things on my feet and could barely roller skate and could not even stand up on them so tossed that idea.

My brave husband,who was a very good roller skater, put on those thin blades of steel and was going to show off and skate across the rink. Well, as you can imagine it didn't work that way nx he fell on his pride. He felt his way around the rink, holding on to the railing until he got back to the bench. The skates came off and he hasn't tried that sport again. I'm not sure what was hurt the most, his backside or his pride!

My only experiece with sledding was when in snowed in Montevallo, AL while I was in college there. No one had sleds though we had great hills to slide down so many of us stole the trays from the cafeteria. Needless to say this did not make the cafeterial staff too happy and they soon locked them up. We then turned to cardboard boxes but they were not as fast as the cafeteria trays but we made do. It was fun but I was a whole lot younger.

Oh well, I will just enjoy these sports from the comfort of a warm house and imagine what it would be like to fly across the snow. I've never been graceful enough to glide across the ice or fly across the snow for mama said there was a reason my name was not "Grace." Being a tad clumsy means keep your feet close to the ground.

Fighting the "Battle of the Bulge" is a constant battle for me. I inherited the "fluffy genes" from the Cox side of my family and though I used to be a skinny little girl, those days are long gone. Now I tend to be a chubby, short, old lady. Due to this battle I try to create recipes which are not heavy on the good stuff - sugar, butter, whipped cream, and other culinary delights. Having a sweet tooth does not make this battle easy but every now and then I find a good one and thought I would share my latest.

Strawberry Gelatin Delite

1 pkg. Strawberry Jello (sugar free)
1 cup cranberry juice cocktail
1 cup whipped topping - low fat
1 carton light strawberry yogurt
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Mix the Jello following the instructions on the box but use the 1cup cranberry juice in place of the cold water. Chill until set. Add the whipped topping and yogurt and mix well. A whisk does a great job for you want to completely mix it together. Fold in the chopped pecans, return to refrigerator. I serve it with additional whipped topping on the top, a sprinkle of pecans and sliced strawberries if have them. I only use strawberries when they are in season.

It is delicious and if you are not fighting the Bulge War you can skip the sugar free and low fat stuff and go for the good stuff. I think I am going to use orange jello and orange yogurt next time and make it with orange juice. Will let you know how this tastes.

Making Jello reminds me of our childhood for back in those olden days every hostess had a favorite Jello recipe. Mama's was orange jello with grated carrots, chopped pecans and drained chopped pineapple stirred in. She would serve it on a leaf of lettuce and topped with her home made mayonnaise. It was sooooo good. I would eat it with mayonnaise and crackers and enjoy every bite of it. The only Jello I don't like is the industrial strength they serve in hospitals. You couldn't melt that stuff with a blow torch. It has no taste and just sits there and wiggles at you saying, "You can't eat me, ha ha."

That's about it for today and the picture at the top is the camellia shrub daddy rooted from a sprig. It is now about 10 feet tall and right now is covered with shades of pink blooms. Ya'll take care and have a great afternoon. Come back to visit on the Net Porch and we'll have some coffee.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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