Our Flag by Frances Robson

Today I ask you stop and say a prayer of thanks for all the men and women who gave their lives to give us the freedoms we cherish. Pray for their families who are left behind to cherish their memories and to be comforted. Pray that we will never forget these sacrifices and give our all, as they did, to preserve and cherish our freedoms. Let us never forget our forefathers who had the vision of a freedom and were willing to fight to create our nation and those who have been willing to fight to preserve it.

Stop and pray for our men and women who are serving today in wars and conflicts in many places around the world. Pray for their safety and swift return home to their families. Pray for their families to remain strong in the Lord and lean on the His eternal strength. Give them peace and Your joy in the midst of the conflicts in which they live.

Stop and pray for all of those who have served and will serve in our National Guard and Reserve units. Thank them for not only serving around the world but also here at home in times of disasters. Pray for their safety and strength as the protect and take care of us.

Thank our God and Heavenly Father for the blessings and freedom we enjoy in our country and we pray that He will give us the wisdom, strength and faith to preserve these for the generations who will follow.

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers and we give you all the honor, glory and praise for caring for us.
Amen and amen

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