Good evening. ya'll. Welcome back to the Net Porch. It is has been awhile since we were here but if it's alright with you we'll move in the house. Summer is here and it is hot as hades outside - triple digits in fact. It did rain somewhere close today for it is a little cooler now but we didn't get a drop of the rain. It has gone all around us for 2 days in a row so we must not be paying the preacher enough. That's what mama used to say.

As ya'll know we spent last week in the big state of Texas. After we finally got there it was fun but the getting there got a little tedious. We were late leaving Valdosta, got to Atlanta in time to race through the airport to board for Dallas/Ft. Worth, sat down and the plane just sat there. It finally left, we were 4th in line to take off and then we pulled over, went back to the gate and sat there for over 2 hours. It seems there was an equipment malfunction and they had to do a re-set. Now I thought we were in a plane not a computer but we had a reset. Whatever they did it worked but our daughter was frantic and wanted us to get another plane. In fact, the lady behind us did leave and never came back, bless her heart.

After the reset we had to wait for additional fuel and take my word for it, airport workers do NOT know what hurry means. I had a window seat and was watching the refueling. The man handling this extremely challenging job was sooo slooow. Everything he did was half speed or less. It took forever and a day for he was slow as cold molasses but finally finished. Then he had to make out a ticket and mosey into the office, file the bill, and let the pilot sign. Difficult, difficult task evidently for it took forever.

We finally left for Texas but we had a little turbulence so we had no snacks not even a little bitty bag of peanuts - or a small cup of coke. About 15 minutes from Dallas/Ft. Worth, they hurriedly gave us some peanuts and a little sip of coke and immediately took up the trash. Whew, what a refreshing treat and we had not had lunch or anything to eat since an early, light breakfast. We would have eaten a Texas longhorn if it would have run through the airport and I had a lasso to catch it with.

Texas was a welcome sight and Sam and Cindy were waiting on us and it was so good to see them. Of course it takes forever for the luggage to get there but we were there and not sitting in a plane.

I won't go into the rest of the trip but save it for another day but we had a great time. These are a few pictures of our great-nieces we enjoyed immensely.

We were blessed to be there for Autumn's first birthday and enjoyed visiting with her daddy's family and ours. It was a wonderful party and she is a little doll 0r princess as her daddy calls her.

This is the newest, great-niece, Lillian. Isn't she pretty with hair just like her daddy and mama's. It was so precious to meet her for the first time and hold her and tell her how much we love her.

Our niece, Beth and husband Greg have 3 beautiful, sweet, smart, and beautiful daughters which we enjoyed immensely. We went to the park, ate at a Mexican restaurant, played games, watched them play softball and many other fun things. Roy and I even got to babysit for a few hours while mama and me-maw got haircuts and not a tear!! We loved it.

This is Taylor and she is a real speed demon on her little ride. Those legs can move about 50 miles and hour down the sidewalk. She is a cutie and kept telling us about the "Titty Tat" in the back yard.

Morgan is the middle daughter and is a reader and likes to teach. We played school and she got a little upset with Aunt Frances and Me Maw's misbehavior. She even threatened to send us to the Principal's office. Can you imagine that?

Katelyn is the oldest and our new softball star. She is really good and her daddy is a good coach. I look forward to watching her grow and become better and better. She is quite a girl.

This is Roy guarding the toys at the park and enjoying the girls. We had a great time watching them play even though it was hot as Texas.

We had a fantastic time and ate delicious birthday cake, unusually good pizza, barbecue which was over the top, fresh tamales, tender steaks and Greg's good beef tenderloin. This is only a few of the good food we ate and I thank all of you for taking such good care of us. Looking forward to next year and maybe Delta can leave the airport on time. They did good on the trip home so at least we are left with positive feelings about them.

Ya'll come back to see me and I'll not stay away so long next time.

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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