Noah and Yogurt

Good evening. Ya'll come on in and sit a spell and let me tell you about our weekend. We went to Camden, Al to see our granddaughter, great grandson and new great granddaughter. It was a wonderful visit even though it was hot as blue blazes.

To top it off, on Friday night the electricity went out for several hours and we liked to have burned up. Some of the windows cannot be raised so we went out and sat on the steps but then our other pest arrived - mosquitoes. We moved in the house and tried to stay cool by going to bed but that didn't work too well for we could not raise the windows and we about sweated a puddle. Finally the electricity came back on and the AC . Let me tell you, those that talk about the good old days can have them. I'll take today with all the comfort appliances that are available. If I ever find out who took out that pole I'm going to take him out.

We also saw Noah's new "summer haircut." He likes to put dirt in his hair and lot of it and mama was having a difficult time washing it out. It is a fact that he loves to play in the dirt and much of it lands on his body and in his hair so mama was going to cut most of it off. After cutting one spot too short, as a bald spot appeared, she just buzzed it all off. Now he looks like a little army recruit and the shampoo bill is a whole lot less.

Saturday morning as we were eating breakfast I was eating yogurt and peaches and he was looking at the yogurt with such longing I left some in it and gave it to Noah. This is the story of Noah and the Yogurt.


Mawmaw finally noticed that I was looking at her yogurt with deep longing and wanted her to share with me. I know if I look at her with a pitiful eyes she will share with me for she can't resist this look. She is really a pushover for what I want so why not use it. I knew she would share cause she always does.

I know there is a spoon lying right there but is has cereal on it and I don't want to mess up my yogurt and the hand works just as well or better. Somebody told me hands were the first spoon so in I go and scoop this good stuff out.

Ummm, umm, tastes good and I do believe the hand makes it taste better - no metallic taste, you know.

If one finger does a good job, why not the whole hand? You get a bigger mouthful this way. I told you hands were better than a spoon. I'll just suck all of this good stuff off my fingers.

Well, that's all I can reach with my hand so maybe I can use my tongue like my dog, Harley. She sticks her tongue in there and licks it out so maybe I'll try it.

Umm, that works pretty well so maybe if I turn it up the rest can drip on down where my tongue can reach it. I need a longer tongue like Harley's.

All the way up and here comes the last drop. Wish there was some more in there for it sure is good.

Maybe if I turn it sideways a little more will drip down but I think I bout got it all. Sure was good but looks like MawMaw could have left a little more.

That's it. No more. Maybe if I look pitiful enough she'll give me a whole carton.

Oh well, the sad look didn't help so I'll just sit in mama's lap, catch up on my reading and study my alphabet a little. MawMaw told us about a new website called Starfall and it is a lot of fun and it talks to me. Now I even know how those letters sound and it won't be long until I can read this whole book.

Talk to ya'll later, I'm a little busy right now. See you later.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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