Texas Here We Come

Good evening. ya'll. Come on in the house and have a cold coke for it is hooooot outside. I'm all packed for our trip to Texas, except for my makeup and meds for I surely have to take my "calm-me-down" pill and paint the "old barn" before we leave.

I had planned for both of us to pack in 1 suitcase for as you know they charge you more for the second one but it just was not possible. A woman just cannot pack for a week in 1/2 of a suitcase so I kept the big one and gave Roy the little one. He doesn't need as much as I do, don'tcha know. That is what my home ec teacher, Miss Leacy used to say a lot. It was a lot of "dont'cha knows." I guess I will have to pack some snacks too for now they charge you for your eats. I think a peanut butter sandwhich will be just right. Fried chicken is just too much trouble.

As you can tell we are flying and I found a picture of the new plane we'll be flying on. I was so glad to find a picture for I didn't think I had the words to describe it.It is quite unusual and we have seats on the top deck and I was quite impressed that we have 2 crews to get us from Atlanta to Dallas/Ft. Worth. I'll take lots of photos so you can share the experience with us. It kind of looks like the space shuttle being delivered doesn't it? Wonder if is can go that fast, whoo hoo.

The other picture is what I plan to do in Fort Worth. Sam said he had found a new barbecue place and it is right across the street from Billy Bobs - the largest honky tonk in the world. Being that close I just didn't think I could miss the opportunity to ride the mechanical bull. I thought that would be safer than the real ones. At my age you have to be careful and those live ones can be kinda tough or at least the ones we rode as children were. So I think that I best ride the artificial kind. Got to find my boots and cowboy hat and practice my "Yee Haws."

We also plan to visit down at Houston and see our new great-niece - Miss Lilian Polk. She is a beauty according to her pictures but she comes from beautiful parents - Frank and Christina. I am looking forward to making her acquaintance and tell her how much we love her and welcome her to the "Polk" clan of which I am the matriarch. This just means I am the oldest of the bunch.

There are 3 little girls waiting on us in Houston and I just absolutely love being with them and the big folks too. It is always a good time for they are good hosts and Gregg does know how to cook some good deer meat - hint, hint. I just wish we didn't live so far away.

There is also a BIG birthday party we are going to attend - our great-niece Autumn. This is her first birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating it with her and the family. We get to watch her grandparents shower her with gifts and show her lots and lots of love. She is a blessed little girl for she has a lot of family to love her. I will be sure and take lots of pictures to show you.

The reason we chose this weekend about a year ago is because there is a Scottish Festival in Arlington, close by to my brother's home. Roy and I are both of Scottish descent and know our clans so we are looking forward to experiencing this event. Now I do hope my brother doesn't wear his kilt but I bet he wears his vest with our plaid. I hope they will have a shawl in the Pollock Clan's plaid for I would love to have one.

Now Roy's clan - the Gunn clan of which the Robson's are a part of- is a rough bunch if what I read about it is true. They were a border clan and like to raid but it was mostly against the English so I guess that was alright. It's fun to let your imagination run away isn't it?

Well I guess I better finish up my packing and cleaning up the house for I hate to come home to a dirty house. Let's see, clean out the fridge, take out the trash, empty the litter box, check the dog food, and all that other stuff.

Ya'll come back to see us and I'll find time while in the great state of Texas, land of Blue Bell Ice cream and barbecue brisket, to write a note on the Net Porch maybe.

Take care.

Nuff Said,

The Georgia Peach

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