Great Grandchildren

Early on Friday morning at Lakepoint lodge we were drinking coffee on our front porch and enjoying watching a fisherman on the lake. It was quiet, peaceful and the coffee was good and then......

Noah was awake and as always was "hungy." We fixed him a bowl of cereal and a toasted, English muffin for breakfast. When his mama poured her cup of coffee he decided he didn't want cereal and this is the results. 2 years old and enjoying his morning coffee and English muffin before he begins the day.

This was our last day and we were leaving shortly but he had a full day on Thursday and so I guess he needed the coffee to renew and refresh. By the way, my Granddaddy Bert would be proud of him for he began giving us coffee on our pacifiers and by the spoonful when we were younger than 2. Said it wouldn't hurt you and so we acquired this habit at an early age.

The day before, Brooke, Noah and Josie arrived about lunchtime from Camden and from the time Noah hit the ground he didn't stop until he collapsed Thursday night. He had a full day and we did also.

Little, Miss Josie, our beautiful little great granddaughter, was a perfect guest. She enchanted us with her smiles and slept, ate, and kept us entertained - very quietly. The only time she makes a lot of noise is when she is hungry and she wants the bottle NOW not later. Most of the day she just did her sleeping thing.

She would wake up and look around with those great big eyes. I think she is wondering where in the world is this? Isn't she beautiful?

Papa enjoyed holding her and almost had her turning over. He makes a great cheerleader.

She was very patient with Papa and let him hold her a lot.

I am sure she felt very secure in Papa's big hands that are so strong but so gentle.

I'm hungry and I want the bottle now, please. Notice the red face and flailing arms.

Meanwhile, mama and Noah were having a nice stroll out by the lake.

Strolling gets boring very quickly and off he goes in a run.

I came out on the porch and found little, mister hotshot sitting on the sidewalk looking so innocent. Have I been running from mama? Here I am just sitting here looking handsome.

Think I will pose for MawMaw. Don't I look "buff?"

OK, that's enough of that being still. Off I go at usual pace - running.

The geese came up for lunch and mama helped me feed these big birds. They are almost bigger than I am.

Here are the 3 little ladies- the ducks. They wore watches and came at breakfast, lunch and dinner, right on time. Noah called them "quack quacks" and wanted to feed them all day.

After feeding them, he decided to chase them for he wanted to pet them so badly. Off he went after the ducks and they split up and went in 3 different directions but Noah picked one and began the chase.

Finally the duck became tired of the game and used his flying ability to get away from this little boy who can run really fast.

Off he went into the wide, blue yonder and left an unhappy little boy behind. He just wanted to pet them.

Night fell and he discovered a fire ant bed under the light and had to check it out.

He and MawMaw went for a walk for about a mile. At least, mawmaw was walking for he ran every step of the way. By the way, notice the fashion statement - sagging pants. Aren't pullups supposed to show? He has a problem - no butt - so it's hard to keep your pants up.

We had a wonderful time with our grand and great grands but I'll tell you one thing - it's wonderful to be a mawmaw, but it will flat, wear you out.
Thanks for coming by and sitting a spell and letting me talk about our grandchildren. You were awfully patient and now ya'll be careful going home for it's raining outside.
Come back to see us.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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