Lakepoint State Park, Eufaula, AL

Good morning from beautiful, Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL. My 'Net porch is in Alabama for a few days while we enjoy the beauty of Lakepoint State Park. It's wonderful to be able to take your "porch with you and so come on in and sit a spell.

This is our 4th trip here in 2 years for we love it here. Thanks to Alabama State Parks for using God's beauty to make a wonderful place to vacation. We have stayed at the lodge for the 3 other trips, but this time we chose to stay in one of the lakeside, one bedroom cottages. I will post some pictures of that tomorrow.

The picture above is one view of the lake from our front porch of the cottage. As you can see, it is a fisherman's paradise and there are many bass tournaments held here each year. It's also a paradise for those of us who like to sit on the porch in the rocking chairs and enjoy the view.

This is the lodge across part of the lake from our cottage. It is nestled in trees and is beautiful inside and out. There are 2 restaurants in the lodge and the food is delicious. We plan to eat lunch there today with some of our family.

This was our welcoming committee yesterday as we arrived at the cottage. These 3 "ladies" welcomed us with much quacking and joy. Of course, they also wanted something to eat and they were back this morning to say "Good morning, where's our breakfast?" These are female mallards and they took bread out of my hand this morning.
There are lots of geese here in the park and they like to join in the welcome. This one came right up to the porch, walking on the sidewalk, and greeted us loudly.He then turned around and called the whole family to come and greet the visitors.
This new arrival is asking, "Where's the food?"

Then she came closer and insisted on a snack.

The ducks and the geese get along, kinda, sorta but a little territorial.

This little lady is patiently waiting for her share of the snack.

This one seemed to be the boss of the flock and when he thought it was time to leave, he loudly honked his instructions and they all followed him back to the lake.

This morning, not only were the ducks back but the crows were up and noisy. Will post more pictures tomorrow but now it's time to drink another cup of coffee out on the porch before it gets too hot.

Ya'll come back to see me on
the 'Net porch and have a great day.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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