Thursday at Lakepoint Lodge

Cottage at Lakepoint Resort and state park - Eufaula, AL
Good morning from my 'Net Porch in Eufaula, AL. This is our home for 1 more day at Lakepoint State Park and we are thoroughly enjoying our visit except for the heat. How hot is it? Well, it is burning up, fry an egg on the sidewalk, heat to death, heatstroke hot. Yesterday, when I got in my car the temperature was 106 degrees! Talking about a heat wave. It did rain all around us yesterday and cooled things off so we could sit on the porch and enjoy the sunset and coffee this morning. BUT, it is already heating up for today.

This is a fisherman this morning fishing this wonderful lake of about 45,000 acres. There are bass fishing tournaments here most of the year and big bass are caught and records are made. Many folks fish from the banks with cane poles and catch crappy and other good fish to fry. It is a fisherman's paradise.

Early in the morning with the mist on the hills in the background. There are several little islands separating parts of the lake. The Chattahoochee river is the source for this lake.

I love the mist rising off the lake in the background. It was slightly overcast the first part of the morning but it is quickly burning off.

We can see lots of waterfowl from our porch. This is a grey crane which feeds around the shore in front of the cottages.

Yesterday, this white crane was feeding late in the afternoon and then stayed in the grasses nearby. Every now and then, you could see the white head pop up. I wonder it that is his/her home.

There are several crows around and being crows, they are loud, and like to be noticed. These are sitting on the grill next door looking for burnt offerings from past cookouts. They also like to perch on the roof and loudly proclaim their presence.

These are our 3 little ladies coming for breakfast. They come every day about 3 times a day for a handout. We discovered today that they like to come up the steps to the porch and be fed. I think they are waiting for an invitation to come in and sit at the table.

I went to the large thrift store in Eufaula yesterday and regardless of the extreme heat, I looked and looked and looked. It is inside and is two large stores opened up into 1 store. I never go there I don't find some things I just can't do without. Old jewelry which I can take apart and combine with other jewelry is one quest I always have and got a few items yesterday.

My big score yesterday was another picnic basket. These make great craft and sewing supplies storage. I have several and use them for various types of storage. I have one fitted with note card, stationery, pens, etc. for a writing center. One is fixed to carry on trips with cups, napkins, coffee and other items for staying in a hotel. Some have yarn and this new one is for crocheting supplies for my plarn bags. They are pretty and quite useful.

A white linen skirt with cut work hem was another score yesterday along with a blouse trimmed in eyelet. They are quite lovely and I look forward to wearing them The blouse is going to be restructured into an open jacket and will look great with skirts, dresses and even jeans. It's not often I find clothes so yesterday was special.

By the time I had looked, touched everything, smelled some, and bought a little, I was dripping with sweat. Every time I found a fan running, I would stand there and dry out and then move on. There is just so much to check out and it's like a treasure hunt. Of course, I bought a couple of paperbacks since I don't have but about 25 books to read at home but who can have too many books?

Today our granddaughter and 2 children are coming to spend the day with us and tonight so I'll have new pictures of Noah and Josie. There is swimming pool here so Noah can play water-baby and Roy and I will keep Josie and let he and his mom have fun. He is totally unafraid of the water so we will have to lock the door so he won't go in the lake. It is not advisable to swim in the lake from the shore because of alligators, although we have never seen one.

Glad ya'll stopped by and visited awhile this morning and now ya'll be careful going home and come back to see us. We'll be meandering home tomorrow so we can get our cat out of jail and rest up before church on Sunday. Take care.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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