Good evening and I know it has been several days since I have posted but I have been brain dead and body tired. We went to Alabama this past weekend to visit our family and we had 4 generations at the home place for the weekend. It is a beautiful thing when family fills up our childhood home and children are running through it, laughter is echoing off the walls, and love for each other is quite apparent. we had a great time.

I did find that playing with a 2 year old can be quite tiring but a great deal of fun. Noah is a very active, happy, and spoiled little boy. Everybody knows this so I am not telling a secret. He was the only one for 2 years and became accustomed to being the center of all our attention and doesn't like to share us with Josie, be told "no" or not run the house just like he wants it. Bless his heart, he is having a hard time being "the big brother."

The role I play is the "safe haven" when mama or anyone else gets on his case or tells him "no." MawMaw is the one he runs to, tells on the rest and nestles under my arm and waits for me to run interference. MawMaw has a difficult time saying no to him and encourages the others to let him get by with being a little difficult at times. The family accuses me of being the one who can't say no and they are right for I love that little guy but I do need to learn to say no when he is misbehaving, maybe, might, probably not.

On Sunday morning, Roy, Brooke and I went to the church I grew up in and Roy and I were members of for about 9 years. It is our "home" church and we cherish our memories there and especially the memories of the people who helped shape our lives. It has a special place in our hearts and lives.

As I sat there and looked around, I saw many familiar and dear faces. We all have a few more wrinkles and are not as spry as we used to be but it was so good to have the privilege of worshipping with them. There is a new pastor and we were pleased to meet him for he has been sweet to our granddaughter. We had many to come and greet us with hugs and kisses and we loved it.

One sweet friend asked if this meant we were moving back to Camden. I had to say "No" that we are now Georgia Peaches and feel quite comfortable in our home in Adel. I love to visit home and see all the dear people and will visit often but Adel, GA is now home.

Then, as I looked around I missed many sweet and dear friends who have gone home. The first ones I always miss are mama and daddy for they were always there. Then the other dear saints who I loved, admired and helped raise me are missing from the church but they are now receiving their rewards in our Heavenly home. I miss them, but in many cases would not ever want them back with the illnesses they suffered. So, I just sat there and enjoyed my memories of them and pictured their faces from the last time I saw them. Sweet, sweet memories.

We had a great time but lawd have mercy was I tired when we got home. Keeping pace with a 2 year old, loving on a sweet baby girl, and traveling that distance just slap wore me out. It has taken me until today to get my energy level back up. Glad today was better for I have long way to go and a short time to get there. Nothing of huge significance but needs to be done.

So, I am glad you kept checking back to see if I was home and I'm back and ready to talk to you. I have some new recipes to give you, a new cookbook to tell you about and maybe a little bit of gossip to share. Never can tell.

Ya'll come back.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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