Bunnies or Squirrels

Who me? by Frances Robson

Good evening, ya'll. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and didn't have to "labor" except at the lake, beach, backyard bbq or just napping. We had to go to Valdosta today and a lot of you were traveling I 75 for there were lots of cars, trucks, RVs, trailers and other types of vehicles traveling North. I guess everybody had been to Florida for most of it was going North. You know South Georgia is just the pass through state from the north to Florida. We do have the distinction of having the busiest airport in Atlanta for more people fly in and then fly out than any other airport - it's the "most passed through" airport in the world. Shame they don't stay awhile and enjoy the great state of Georgia and some Southern Hospitality.

By the way, did you know that Wendy's stole my salad recipe? I'm thinking about suing them for they did not ask my permission. I posted it earlier but to refresh your memory, I'll post it again and see if you think it is like that new apple salad at Wendy's. Now they do add chicken to it, but so could I if I wanted to. Just tics me off for they could have asked me and I just might have let them have it - not likely but maybe.

Tossed Salad with Apple - I make individual bowls so you can add your favorite dressing

Spring mix lettuce
Iceberg lettuce mix
Broccoli slaw
Chopped onion
Apple strips
Thinly sliced carrots
Cheese - I like the Feta cheese but you can use your favorite - blue cheese is great
Toasted walnuts, almonds or pecans

I slice the apple in vertical slices with the peel on. Slice these into thin strips .
Thinly slice the carrot.
Roughly chop the onion or thin slices
Fill the bowls with lettuces and broccoli slaw.
Sprinkle with the apple, carrots, onion, craisins, walnuts and grated cheese.
Serve with your favorite dressing. A raspberry vinaigrette is especially good with it.
To make it an entree, add sliced cooked chicken or thinly sliced pieces of cooked steak.

Doesn't this sound like the new salad at Wendy's? I think mine is better but you choose and let me know.

We have a problem and need some help. As you know our granddaughter and 2 children are living at the home place, out in the country from Camden, AL. Matter of fact, you could live in town and still be in the country but that is not the problem. Our great grandson, Noah is having animal identification problems and we need some help to get him straightened out.

You see Noah thinks squirrels are bunnies. He was standing at the window, looking out in the front yard and began to tell his mama about the bunnies. Going to window expecting to see a bunch of bunnies, she saw several squirrels playing in the front yard. Now this is not unusual for there are several pecan (pe-khan) trees around the house and they do love those nuts. Brooke told him they were squirrels but he insists they are bunnies and when Noah insists, you just go with it.

This past weekend she needed to do some work for her online class so she put Noah out in the backyard (fenced securely) and told him to catch a bunny - squirrel. Of course he didn't but I reminded her that his backyard companion is a basset hound named Harley and he just might get up enough speed to catch the "bunny." Her daddy wanted to know what she would do if he actually catches one? If she looks around, mama's recipe for fried squirrel and rabbit should be there for she cooked both. Good with grits and gravy.

So you see, we need some animal identification books or flash cards. Not too worried he will catch either one but we can't have a grandson, who is living in South Alabama, runs around in pull-ups and boots and can't tell the difference between a squirrel and a bunny. Although, if he catches either one they make a pretty good meal if you know how to cook them and there are many in that yard and the woods around it.

When we were growing up we went rabbit hunting at night with daddy. I think that is illegal but it was on our place and they were eating our food from the garden so supper they became. Mama would fry them, make gravy, simmer until tender and cook up a pot of grits to go with it. Add some hot biscuits, butter, and homemade fig preserves and we thought we had died and gone to heaven.

We would also go squirrel hunting down at the creek and mama would cook them the same way. Sometimes she would save up the rabbits and squirrels, add some chicken and sausage and make Brunswick stew. That was easy for we had our own canned tomatoes, butter beans, frozen okra, potatoes, and onions. We didn't have to buy much food for if it didn't move, mama put it in a jar or the freezer. We ate gooood at mama's table.

So you see why it is important that Noah knows the difference between these 2 animals or does he? Both cook up pretty good. You go Noah and catch a "bunny" and Mawmaw will cook it for you, make some fresh biscuits and eat it with some of Nana's fig preserves.

Well, ya'll enjoy the salad and let me know what you think and come back to see us. Be careful now and have a good night.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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