Kitchen Update

Good Sunday evening to ya'll. Come on in for a cold coke and or some ice cream. I fixed us some Moose Track ice cream a little while ago and put caramel sauce over it and it was right good. Thought we could splurge a little since we just had soup for lunch. I still am not using my new stove until I get everything back in place, and honey chile, we aren't there yet.

I added a few pictures to show the progress and my new cabinet doors. Randy got part of them up Saturday but they sent him the wrong hinges so he had to order some more. These pretty doors were built especially for us by one of our dear friends. These are the first cabinet doors he has built, I think, but we kinda figured if he could build furniture he could build cabinet doors and he surely can. They are just what I wanted with a few special touches.

We are going for the simple look that will be easy to keep clean, no crevices to hold dirt and hard to clean. I hate to try to keep nooks and crannies free of dirt and dust so he designed them for that. He also suggested that we leave off the hardware and he routered out pulls for me at the bottom and tops of the doors. This is the way I open them anyway and this will make them easier to keep clean. He also was able to make doors to fit the unusual sizes we needed in some places, which was quite helpful.

The nook in the first picture is the empty spot where the fridge lived. Mike is building me a shelf at desk level and the cabinets up top will be for my cookbooks. An additional shelf underneath will be for phone books, pencils, and notepads. This area will be for my laptop, recipe planning, and phone but probably will be the catch-all area since it is right by the door. I do promise to try to keep it clean.

This is the new dishwasher and I tried to match the drawer pulls to the dishwasher handle but decided I wanted a little quirk to it so it wouldn't be boring. I am sort of a quirky person and we needed to reflect my personality just a little.

This is the new fridge nook with the space for my small appliances next to it. Looking forward to having a place for my crock pot, blender and toaster oven. I may get rid of the toaster oven for we don't use it very often and it just takes up space so if you need one, let me know.
I will be quite glad to get everything back in place but not rushing it for I want it done right and when it is all back, I'll have to begin cooking again. Oh well, you can't have everything and actually I am looking forward to using my new stove. It will be fun and I can begin posting some new recipes for you know I don't post any I have not cooked.
Haven't watched the world series in several years for I didn't really care who won but this year is different. I am pulling for the Texas Rangers since my brother and his family live in Arlington, TX and he carried me a game there several years ago. The Ranger stadium is beautiful and I sure would like to see the Rangers win since it is their first time to play in the series. Sam and his family are there tonight - lucky dogs. If I can't be there I can't imagine anyone else I had rather see there. Keep watching and hoping they will show them but the cameras may not can pan that high up. He said they were in the nose bleed section but they do have a great view.
Well, tomorrow I have to go down to Lowndes High and talk Southern for my friend. He is doing a research project for a grad school class on language and it seems that South Alabama, my home growing up, has a particularly strange accent. Now I hate to tell him that it's not strange just deep South and we don't know why they put an "r" in words, so we just drop them or pronounce them as "ah." I have lost some of my childhood accent but not all of it but I got him covered.
A friend of ours from back home has made some videos of some of our friends from back home telling some of their tales. Now they have had a few beverages so they are really telling some good ones but he can hear what I used to sound like when I talked and hear some good tales also. I hope he appreciates that I will get up before 8 in the morning to go talk for him. Maybe he will bring me some deer sausage as payment.
That's about it for tonight for I am going to finish watching this ballgame and get a little knitting done. Ya'll be careful going home and talk to you tomorrow.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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