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My Kitchen on 10/9/10

Good morning on a beautiful Saturday morning from here in South Georgia. Come on in and have a cup of coffee but I don't know if I can find a cup for we are in demolition mode in our kitchen. I do know where the coffee pot is for if I have to put that in our bedroom, I will know where it is for that is the juice of life.

As you can tell we are giving our kitchen an update and not before it was needed. This home we bought 17 years ago was built in the 60's and the kitchen was still very much like it was then. We had repainted the cabinets and put hardwood laminate on the floor but the almond appliances were still the originals. Now if you don't think they made things to last back in that day, think again for all of them still work. I hope the new ones we bought will be as good.

We are going to put in new appliances, cabinet doors, and paint it all a pretty creamy color. I will also have a stove with oven altogether so I don't have to walk myself to death when cooking. Will show those later.

We also had to tear out a door into the office and cut a new one so we can house our new fridge. These are our good electricians trying to hide from the camera.

The gaping hole is where my new stove will be and I am so excited to have a new one - smooth top, warming oven and all.

These are pictures of where my kitchen is now located - entrance hall and dining room and various other places in the house. Needless to say we are eating what the microwave can cook and sandwiches but it's not too bad. It is amazing what good frozen-microwave food you can buy now- even complete entrees. We will not go hungry I can guarantee you but we don't like to eat out a lot so we will have to make do. I kept the crock pot out and we have a grill outside and so we have it made in the shade.
Will keep you up on what's happening and now I have go buy ceiling fans, paint and back splash tile. This is hard for me for I find it difficult to envision what things look like so some of mine is winging it but it usually turns out pretty well.
Ya'll have a good day today, enjoy the football games - SEC of course and Florida State. Come back to see us.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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