Noah's Fishing Lesson

Josie in her pillowcase dress that MawMaw made

Good evening and come on in and admire my pictures of our GREAT grandchildren, Noah and Josie. We spent this past weekend with them in Alabama before they move to El Paso, TX and we sure hate to see them move so far away. However, the Army calls and since dad is in the Army, off they go but maybe we can visit them in the coming months. They will be here for Thanksgiving and we can always Skype them.

Saturday, Brooke bought Noah his first rod and reel and taught him how to fish. So, the front yard became a "pretend pond" and mama began the fishing lessons.

This is how you hold it and be sure and hold your mouth like this and frown a little for this is serious business. Now hold on and hold the rod with both hands.

You point it toward the the water and you have to mash this button so the line will come out.

That's the way. See what happens - the line goes right into the water and you are going to catch a fish - I promise.

Now for a solo run. I'll just hold this thing way up high, push down that button and throw this line out into the pond.

Now I have to turn this thing right here and pull that line back in and I just know there will be a fish on the other end for I did just like Mama showed me.

Whoa, here it comes and it has a fish on it. I didn't know this would take so much concentration and focusing. This is serious business.

Whoo, hoo, it must be a great big one for I am having to really pull hard and hold this pole way up in the air.

Maybe if I squat down it will be easier to pull in this big fish. I need to concentrate on this and will ya'll quit trying to tell me how to do it. I know what I am doing, OK?

Here it comes. I see a fish and I caught it!

There it is and I am pulling this thing in.

See, I told you I had it and there it is.

It's on the bank and now to get this floppy thing off the hook. Mom, I have this fishing thing down pat. Now when are you going to teach me how to deer hunt?

Ya'll be careful going home and thanks for looking at my pictures.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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