Kitchen Almost Complete

Good morning, ya'll. Come on into the house and sit a spell in our new kitchen or rather re-done kitchen. I have never had such a nice kitchen before and I am enjoying using and will be glad when I get everything unpacked and in place. This will take a while for I am sorting, making new place for stuff and tossing and I am great at ignoring boxes or shutting the door to the dining room.

So this is what is completed so far. The stove is my pride and joy for it has a big oven and a warming drawer underneath. Still learning how to use all the features but have a turkey in it right now. The smooth top is great and so easy to clean. The vent and microwave is over it. This was a stove top with cabinet underneath but I like stove top and oven in one place.

This shows our lovely cabinet doors which Randy Gilbert made for us. I gave him an idea of what I wanted and he took it from there with beautiful results. The cabinets were built into the house so many are strange sizes but he took in stride and custom built each size for us. The opening on the left was where the oven used to be and Cathy suggested tiling it and making a small appliance area with electricity and here it is. It is nice to have all these corralled in one area where I can use them in the cubby and not worry about spillage with the tiled lining.

This shows the new area for the fridge. We moved it from across the room and Mike built a place for it so it will look built in. Works really well.

A closer look at the appliance cubby. The drawer pulls and knobs are brushed nickel and are plain with just a quirk, like me.

This is where the fridge used to be. It is now my desk area with the wireless router, phone and cookbooks. The laptop will also reside here when it is not in my lap. I love it.
That is about is except for the new dishwasher area but that was a mess this morning so I will show that later. We thank Kathy, Mike and Michael Hancock, Randy Gilbert, Lamar Godwin and sons, and Lowes and their sub-contractors for my lovely kitchen and soon I hope to bake a batch of cookies for all of them.
Ya'll have a good day and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We leave for Lake Point Lodge at Lake Eufaula, AL tomorrow for our new family tradition- letting them do the cooking and we do the eating plus we love to visit there for the peace, quiet and beauty.
Nuff said,
The Geogia Peach

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