Where's My Christmas Spirit?

God's Floral Arrangement

Good evening, ya'll. Come on in the house and have a seat and help me get some Christmas spirit. Everywhere I look I see red and green, my friends have their trees up and decorated, received our first Christmas card and I am still blah. Got to get going on getting ready but am dragging my feet.

I tried to participate in Cyber Monday for I refused to go shopping on Black Friday but had a BIG problem. Trying to save some money I went to Penney's through Ebates and it was like trying to pour cold syrup on a freezing morning. I loaded my cart 3 times and couldn't get through the check out. Server unavailable, didn't like my address and then just kicked me out. I tried until about 1:00 this morning and finally just saved my cart and tried again today.

Would you believe that I tried about 4 times today and it was not until tonight I finally got is completed. By then 1 of the items was out of stock but I sure didn't go back and try to replace it but will just send it separately. This was supposed to be easier, quicker, free delivery, etc, etc, but it was a total failure on all those points except the free delivery. Not sure I will wait until Cyber Monday next year but just do it earlier. The savings were not worth the ugly words I called the Internet and Penneys.

I guess I am ahead more than I thought for I made donations to Samaritan's Purse in honor of some of my kin folks. All of us have everything we need and more so I had the idea of helping some who don't have much of anything. You can go to samaritanspurse.org and shop their Christmas Catalog and buy some interesting gifts. I ordered 20 little chickens, helped stock a fish pond, and paid for some children to be tutored in reading for a whole month. I just know my kin will like this idea for we wrack our brains every year trying to find something we don't already have and we appreciate every gift but I really wanted to help others this year.

It is so nice to live in the South and have fresh vegetables in November. They are picking green beans, cabbage, cucumbers and peppers all around us for the packing sheds. We have acres of green beans next to us and I fixed a mess today for lunch and tried something new.

I snapped off the ends and left them fairly long for they were real tender and then I sauteed slices of onion in olive oil, added the beans and sauteed them just a little and then cooked them in beef stock - that in the carton. I peeled and cut potatoes in large pieced, laid them on top of the beans, added salt and pepper to taste and simmered until tender. The beef stock really gave them a wonderful flavor and the potatoes absorbed that good flavor also. They were quite tasty and much tastier than adding water to simmer in. I was trying to use as little oil or fat as possible and the stock was great.

Well, I got off the subject of Christmas and I still don't have any Christmas spirit but our choir sings our Christmas music Sunday night that always brings it home for me. Music can touch my heart and soul better than anything else.

Bout time for bed and I am quite tired from dealing with Cyber Monday so think I will go to bed. Ya'll be careful going home and come back to see us.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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