Christmas Cookies

Winter Beauty by frances robson

Good morning and come on in the 'Net Porch and sit a spell and have a hot cup of coffee. It is freshly made and I have watched the sun come up while I have been drinking mine. It is going to be a beautiful day but then every day is beautiful if we remember that our Heavenly Father gives it to us.

It is supposed to be a little warmer today and I sure hope so for I need to put something that says Merry Christmas on my door and mailbox. So far we look like Scrooge lives here but I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Christmas is next week. The year has just flown by and I can't seem to catch it. I will get a wreath on the door today and a red bow on the mailbox TODAY.

I made some really good cookies yesterday from a recipe on the Betty Crocker web page. They are pretty and taste delicious. The link is

This recipe called for a couple of things I didn't have but when you live out in the country you learn to substitute. Mama taught me how to do this many years ago so I don't panic but look up the ingredient online and find something I have to substitute or use something else and see what happens.

These cookies needed sour cream and canned cream cheese frosting and I had neither. I knew I could make buttermilk or sour milk from milk with lemon juice or vinegar added to it but sour cream was a mystery. You can use plain yogurt which I didn't have but I did have strawberry so used that. Because it is only 1/4 cup it didn't change the taste at all.

It needed a cream cheese frosting and I had chocolate and vanilla so I took the vanilla and added 1/2 block of cream cheese and whipped it together. I do this a lot for the cream cheese cuts that too sweet taste of canned frosting which I use when in a hurry. By adding the cream cheese it's difficult to tell this is not start from scratch. I topped them with chopped pecans and they are delicious. I think that walnuts or coconut would also be good.

I did find it difficult to mix for it is a STIFF dough. Next time I am going to bring my yogurt or sour cream to room temperature and make sure the butter is soft and see if it will be easier to mix. Also, be sure and time them for if you overcook they will be hard and they are supposed to be soft and almost under done. They really are good and I think I will use green sprinkles on some next time to add a little Christmas look to them

Using the cookie scoop makes it easy to get the balls but you will have red tinted hands from the red food coloring. By the way, I spilled almost a whole bottle of this on my counter and had to throw away the dish cloth I used to wipe it up.

There was a chain of dumb actions to cause all this. First I opened the coloring and set it on the cutting block which moves and I accidentally hit the block. Second, I grabbed one of my good dish cloths to mop it up and third, I knocked it over again. Really smart but I will profit from this little fiasco - don't open the bottle until ready to use it and don't grab a good cloth to wipe it up but use paper towels. By the way, does anyone know how to get red coloring out from under your fingernails?

I hope you will try this recipe for it is good and I am looking forward to trying it with the ingredients it calls for but mine are good also.

Ya'll come back to see me and be careful.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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