Jekyl Island by frances Robson

Good evening and come on in and get warm. A little cold outside but not too bad but a good night to stay in and stay warm plus I am a little frazzled. I had a nerve-wracking and scary afternoon.

I decided to go down to Valdosta to Michaels and get a little Christmas tree with lights instead of putting up the bigger one. Now I know you are thinking why is she waiting until Christmas to put up a tree, well I just haven't so get over it. I do have a wreath on the door, one by the garage and greenery on the porch, what else to you want? Also I have a red bow on the mantel and some Christmas cards sitting by the bow so there, I am decorated. Anyway, what goes up must come down and I will have mine put up in short order.

Back to my trip. We set off and the traffic was not too bad on the interstate until we got close to Valdosta and it got a little crowded. When I turned of the interstate and headed down St. Augustine there were cars galore but I could handle it. Michaels was not too crowded and after we had looked, touched and smelled everything in there, we got our little tree, some tiny lights and a few other things and we left. About done, and I was still sane.

Then I wanted to go to Publix for a few things and it was horrible. I turned right out of the parking lot instead of going straight and it went down hill from there. There were 1 million and 1 cars in the short ride to Publix and I got so frustrated I forgot where I was and felt like I was hallucinating. I made a wrong turn, horns were blowing, I pulled out in front of someone and somebody gave me a 1 finger salute and I don't blame them.

There sure wasn't much Christmas good will in Valdosta today. I began to wish I had stayed a home but I was and glad that 2 stores were my only destinations. Walmart, $ Tree, and the mall were places not to be caught dead or alive in today.

I completed my grocery shopping and headed back home and was so befuddled, bewildered and distracted I wouldn't even think of taking the interstate home. We took the back road through the country with almost no traffic so I could get my mind settled back down. I wished for a great big white Russian or Mudslide by the time I got home but had neither but needless to say our daughter had several more gray hairs and was a little frazzled also. Not sure she will ride with me any time soon.

Oh well, we made it, I put up the little tree, strung the little lights on it and made shrimp and grits for supper. I know one thing, tomorrow I am not going anywhere!!!

Thought I would share a new recipe I concocted this week since it turned out really well. I found a recipe for an orange cranberry cake and it called for a yellow cake mix which I didn't have. All I had was a lemon cake mix so I decided to try using it. I also had oranges picked from our tree to use for the fresh orange juice and it is really good so I will share. The family said it was good also so here it is.

Lemon Orange Cake with Cranberries

1 lemon cake with pudding cake mix
1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice if possible – about 5 oranges or from carton
½ cup vegetable oil – canola, corn, safflower
¼ cup sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup chopped or whole dried cranberries
½ tsp. Lemon flavoring

1 cup powdered sugar
3 Tbsp. Orange juice

Preheat oven 350°
Grease and flour tube pan
Place cake mix and sugar in large mixing bowl – mix until well blended with whisk. In smaller bowl mix orange juice, oil, and eggs until blended then add to dry ingredients. Blend with electric mixer on low speed for 1 minute, stop mixer, scrape down sides of bowl with spatula. Mix with mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes, scraping sides as needed until batter looks thick and well blended. Fold in flavoring and cranberries. Pour into prepared pan. Place in preheated oven on middle rack and bake until cake is golden brown and begins to pull away from sides of pan – about 45 – 47 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and cool on wire rack for 20 minutes. Run long thin knife around edge of cake pan and invert on rack to cool another 30 minutes. Cake will fall to the rack when cool.

Prepare the glaze: Mix the powdered sugar with orange juice until smooth.
Place cake on large plate and drizzle with glaze letting it drizzle down the sides. Can add a sprinkle of orange zest to top of cake
Store in covered cake keeper for up to a week.

Let me know what you think and enjoy.

Well, it had been a long day and I am tired so ya'll be careful going home and come back to see us.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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