Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enter and Exit ?

Good evening and come on in out of the cold for it is literally freezing outside and I am not a happy camper. This Georgia Peach does not like cold weather and this cold spell is a record breaker. At least I am not north of Macon for there is snow and ice there and so far we don't have any but probably will have ice tomorrow due to freezing weather tonight. A friend of mine stated our wishes like this, "I wish it was 95 in the shade and rising." So come in for a cup of hot chocolate and get warm. We have a nice fire in the fireplace so pull up and get warm.

I have decided that there are 2 words in the English language which many people do not have the faintest idea what they mean. Now I am not sure if they can't read them or their reading comprehension is extremely low. After experiencing the results of not being able to read or comprehend the meaning of them several times last Friday I decided to see what you think. The 2 words are "enter" and "exit."

One of these words has 2 syllables and the other one has 1 syllable so I fail to see the difficulty in reading or understanding them. They are over the doors of every business of any type everywhere I go and still most people cannot read them. I just can't understand it.

These people go in the exit and out the enter in droves and herds and don't seem to find anything strange in their actions. It's as if enter means exit and exit means enter. I want to throw up my hands and say, "Whatever" or didn't you get past the 1st grade or did you fail reading completely. The adjectives such as stupid, dumb and dumber, totally clueless and what in the name of heavens are you doing walking around? come to my mind. It is just extremely distressing to me.

As I came out of Hobby Lobby on Saturday, I was almost run over by a horde of women and children entering in the exit door. I had to move to the side, almost knock over a big lamp and hit a nice man, getting out of their way. It was like a stampede of people rushing in the store and I can't understand why for it was Hobby Lobby not Walmart. I expect it at Walmart but not Hobby Lobby unless you need a truck load of crafting supplies. I can't see this group being crafters or artists so what was the hurry?

This was not my first experience with this behavior and I commented to the gentleman I almost knocked over, "Can these people not read or just don't care?" His answer was, "I think they just don't care and if you don't move, they will run over you." To which I answered loudly as the herd went by, "I think I will go home now and I AM GOING TO EXIT THROUGH THE EXIT, NOT THE ENTER."

One lady (?) turned around and looked at me like, what is your problem lady and I just smiled and walked away, shaking my head and muttering, "Bless her heart." If she heard me I doubt she understood the intent but if she did, "Bless her heart."

Now I don't have an answer to this big problem which is spreading from store to store, town to town, city to city and on and on. It doesn't seem to help to shorten it to "in" and "out" for most of these people cannot read that either and arrows pointing toward the intended actions don't work either. So what do we do?

Well the obvious answer is to ignore these signs and go in and out willy nilly regardless of the posted signs. The other solution would be to switch the signs to opposite sides in case all of these people can't tell right from left and bless us if they drive. The last suggestion would be to take down all the signs and let people enter and exit as they please and pray you won't get run over.

If you have an answer to this problem, please let me know for I was taught by mama and daddy to obey all signs - enter, exit, in, out, don't walk on the grass, keep to the right and on and on and so not to anger them as they look down from heaven, I still obey signs. There is one I hope all these strange people will follow are the women and men, gents and ladies, bulls and heifers and other such gender related signs over restrooms for I don't think my heart can take a man walking in my public restroom as I "rest."

By the way, the pictures at the top are my first little caps which look like bears and my first collage necklace. I will talk about these at a later time, just wanted to show off.

Ya'll be careful going home and watch out for black ice down our way and come back to see me.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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