I'm Late For a Very Important Date

Good afternoon and I know I have been gone, gone, gone but just busy and didn't take time to write a posting. As you can see above we went a couple of weeks ago to Roy's high school class reunion where a good time was had by all. It was in Selma, AL and was a lovely weekend spent with old friends and some new friends. We ate some good food at the St. James hotel and Selma Country Club with lots of good, sweet iced tea.

Class reunions are always interesting, especially for the spouses who did not go to the school who is having the reunion. We kind of laugh at the right time, smile a lot, and keep explaining to people why they don't remember you. It's kinda funny when someone comes up to you and says aren't you ??? and didn't we have ????? class together and did you marry ?????? After you explain you are the wife or husband of so and so, they walk away looking confused and wondering why they thought they knew you.

Of course we here down in the South just keep smiling, remain polite, and try to connect with them somehow like who is your mama and daddy, where were you raised, where do you live now and other such polite questions. After awhile you'll find something in common and the conversation continues ar they walk off muttering that you sure look like the person they thought you were.

If you really want to confuse them, forget to put on the nice name tag they provided for you. At our age, we either wear tri-focals, bi-focals are the little reading glasses on the end of our noses and we spent most of our time trying to read the names and when I forgot to put on my tag many spent their time trying to figure out who I was, who I belonged to or what in the world is she doing here. I kinda left Roy alone to do his thing and see and talk to old friends without having to worry with me so I just observed a lot. Now I can't write down a lot of my observations for I promised a couple of ladies that I would "be nice" and as a lady of the South I will keep my word.

We did have a good time and was good to reconnect with some old friends and catch up on the news of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in a few cases. Friends from the past can be interesting and that is all I am going to say on the matter.

Now back to the present. My favorite time of the year is here for we have fresh strawberries and peaches ready to eat and we have been to the farms and they are good this year. The strawberries will only be here about 2 more weeks but the peaches are just coming in. Early peaches are not my favorite for they are the small, yellow, cling peaches which make good pies, preserves or peach pickles. I don't make preserves or the peach pickles but we sure are enjoying eating them with cereal or dessert. It won't be long before the larger peaches are ready and then it will be peach ice cream time.

The strawberries are beautiful and I have frozen several quarts for the winter. I like them sliced with a little sugar and just eat and eat. When we get them from the farm I eat them all the way home just blowing off the dirt and eating them like candy for they are much better straight out of the field. Fruit and vegetable farms are wonderful places to buy the freshest produce from the fields and we have several around us.

Our raised bed garden is doing well and we will be picking yellow squash next week. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplant have blooms and the lettuce is about ready to cut and add to salads. I had a couple of potatoes which had sprouted and become quite shriveled so I cut them in half and planted them. They have grown to about 8 inches and are blooming so I am hoping for a least a few "new potatoes" later on. Like our daddy, I don't believe in throwing away anything which might grow food.

The grapefruit, orange, lemon, and blueberry trees and bushes are loaded with fruit. Blueberries should be ready within the week and the citrus next fall. If all of the little fruit stay on the tree and mature we will have lots of fruit to share with out friends and I love it. The red grapefruit were abundant last winter and enjoyed them a lot.

Well, I am back and have a couple of recipes to share tomorrow so ya'll come back to see us and be careful going home.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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