Gulf Shores Vacation

Good evening and it is good for we have just had a nice rain shower which we needed greatly. Our area is heavily agricultural and rain in a dry spell is most welcome. Our poor yard and pond are drying up and I hope the fishes last through this dry period.

I know I haven't written in a while but I have been going through a brain dead, writer's block, plumb worn out time period and have not wanted to write anything. This is most unusual for me since I usually have something to say about everything so after the rest, I am ready to go again.

As you can tell from the pictures, we have been to the beach - Gulf Shores, AL. This is the beach we went to as children and we paid for it with selling the peaches our daddy raised. We also carried out children there when we could and our grandchildren have also been there. It is a special place for us to visit and we have great memories of our childhood there.

Daddy used to love driving the bumper cars with a great big cigar clamped in his mouth and bumping into everyone. We would try to outrun him with no luck and he would be having a ball and laughing hilariously as he bumped us. Most of the time I would wait until he had his fun and had bumped and jostled my brothers before I would get in a car. I can see that big cigar and grin now as he raced around the floor. Mama would just shake her head and say, "Ott, quit acting like a child" but he was having too much fun. It was not often we saw our daddy just relax and have fun so those days at Gulf Shores were special.

Last summer while we were in Texas visiting our families, I suggested to my niece that it would be fun to meet somewhere for a family vacation and she planned a trip to our favorite beach and we invited all the family to meet us there. It was impossible for some to come due to other responsibilities but those who could come had a great time.

This is Katelyn, our oldest great niece and we had a great time together. She is a very good softball player and loves the water. She is growing up so quickly and is becoming quite a young lady.

Morgan, the middle sister and second great niece is a loving, early riser. She was usually the first one to greet us each morning as we drank our coffee with a great big smile and hug. I totally enjoyed the loving and sweet smile.

Taylor is the baby girl but is no longer a "baby." A sweet, quiet, little girl with a wonderful personality who loves her Me Maw more than anyone except her mama. She was like a little sprite flitting around the house full of fun and giggles.

This is me with 2 of our nieces on the beach. We had fun collecting shells, driftwood, making bracelets, drawing and just chilling out. I sure wish we lived closer together so I could see them every day but I am afraid I would spoil them rotten for I enjoy them so much.

The couple at the beginning are the parents of these lovely children and they are doing a great job in raising these girls. Greg brought fresh boudin sausage from Louisiana and made the best sausage and scrambled eggs I ever eaten. He is a great cook and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast every morning along with the waffle and pancakes from Beth. We ate well every day and weight was gained by all.

Listening to Greg play the guitar and sing out on the porch, talking with Beth, Martha and Lane, playing with the girls, visiting with a friend from long ago and sitting with my sweet husband on the porch made a wonderful vacation. New memories were made and old ones remembered. We really missed those who could not come but maybe next year more of us can be together for we plan to meet somewhere on the Gulf Coast next year.

It's good to talk to you again and tomorrow I will share a good recipe I used last week - quick, easy and delicious and best of all chocolate.

Ya'll take care.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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