Yogurt Whipped Topping Sandwich

First Daylily of 2012

Good evening and come on in for a visit.  I was so glad to see my first daylily last week for this means Spring is here and I am looking forward to watching my others bloom.  It is a blessing to have a good friend who loves or is obsessed with daylilies and shares with me.  This means we have lots of colors and types and I will share them with you as they bloom. 

Spring is springing all over everywhere down here in South Georgia and I am feeling the need to dig in the dirt and plant something.  Easter has now come and gone so according to our daddy we can now plant tomatoes, peppers, and other warm weather vegetables.  The raised beds are ready and I hope to begin setting out plants next week or at least the tomatoes for I love them. 

The recipe I wanted to share today is for an easy "ice cream sandwich" which is delicious, low calory and low fat.  It is based on a recipe that Weight Watchers has and I modified it a bit - as usual for me.  Children also like them and it is healthy and they can help make them. Here is the recipe and let me know what you think.

Yogurt Whipped Topping Sandwich
Low Fat yogurt – strawberry, blueberry, or flavor of choice
Fat Free whipped topping
Graham crackers – chocolate or plain
Combine equal parts yogurt and whipped topping until mixed but not beaten. Folding in with large spoon works well. Break graham cracker into the 2 halves, put about a tablespoon of mixture on one cracker, place the other half on top BUT DON'T PRESS DOWN. Gently wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap and freeze. Great “ice cream” sandwich that is low fat, low sugar and delicious. If you have some fresh fruit, chop and mix a little into the yogurt and topping mix before making the sandwiches.

I freeze this same yogurt/topping mixture and use it for a snack or dessert. For dessert, place a couple of scoops in a bowl and top with fresh fruit and sprinkle with cookie crumbs.
You can use a variety of flavors and types of yogurt and topping to make a good snack.

You can add fruit, sprinkles or whatever you would like before you put the top on and if is use strawberry or peach yogurt I add finely chopped, fresh fruit to the mixture.  Let me know what you think and enjoy.

Come back to see me and stay cool.

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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