Carrabelle Florida - The Forgotten Florida Coast

Beach View by frances robson

Good morning and come in for a cup of coffee before it gets too hot outside.  We are having wonderfully cool mornings but it does get rather hot by about 10:00 and I stop the coffee and begin the cold water.  Love this summer weather.

We went to the beach last week - what a surprise - and tried a new one in Carrabelle, FL.  Having driven through this area several years ago on our way home from Mexico Beach, FL, we thought we would try it.  It is on the Florida Panhandle and is the "Old Florida" without high rise condos, big crowds, and commercialism.  It is a small, commercial fishing town where 3 rivers converge and opens to the Gulf of Mexico with wonderful fishing. 

I went to the visitor website for information and a place to stay  and found an unusual and new type of RV site.  We do not have and RV but this park has RV sites and RVC cottages to rent.  There are 1 bedroom with sleeping loft cabins and 2 bedroom cottages for those of us who don't own RVs but you have access to all the amenities of the park which includes pool, activity room, small store, and great service. 

This is the entrance to the park and as you see it is quite pretty and lots of expensive RVs and travel trailers.  They only allow clean, well-kept RVs and the campsites have to be kept clean and trash free and no tents are allowed.  It was spotless and well landscaped and trash free.

This is the little cottage where we stayed and though small, it had handicapped access which was great for Roy's mobility scooter.  Beds are built in and a good bit of built in storage, 1 double bed and built-in bunk beds.  This a privately owned cottage and the park maintains and rents it for the owner.  You can buy the cottages and cabins with the land it is on and have it rented when you are not using it.

The next time we are going to stay in the 1 bedroom cabin with sleeping loft for it has a queen sized bed, fold out sofa, full kitchen and sleeping loft.  It is only 399 square feet but for 2 people, I think it will be great.

Roy at the beach
There is a public beach across the road from the park and Roy was able to ride his scooter to the beach and down to the sand.  He almost walked to the water and loved being able to see the gulf and enjoy the view.  He has Parkinson's and it is difficult for him to walk on uneven surfaces but I was so glad to see him on the beach once again.

Seagull - one among many I saw for they were lots of them.  They are so pretty to me and each one seems to have its own personality.  I have many pictures of them and are having several enlarged to frame.

There were many pelicans and the waters must have been full of fish for they came in groups to fish the waters on the beach.

These tree stumps were beautiful sculptures and there several down the beach from the park. 

A natural tree stump planter

This reminded me of a row of castles on the beach

This was the first Portuguese Man of War I had seen and didn't know what it was.  It looked like a blue balloon but glad I did not touch it for I discovered the tentacles are quite poisonous it they sting you.  They are not usually found on these beaches and one of the locals said it was strange that they are showing up this year.

Carrabelle FL Waterfront showing some of the fishing boats.  A lovely, well-maintained small town.

World's Smallest Police Department

We went over to Eastpoint, Fl for lunch and found this great, little place.  It is on the waterfront, between commercial fisheries and the seafood is all fresh, never frozen, well-prepared and great service.

From Eastpoint we over to Applachicola to the old-time Soda Fountain and had milkshakes and coke floats made like when I was a little girl back in Camden, AL.  Delicious and good place to visit. This is another fishing town but has lots of historical sites for you to visit and is a little more commercialized than Eastpoint and Carrabelle.

 Seafood Basket from Fisherman's Wife in Carrabelle

Back in Carrabelle there is a local restaurant - The Fisherman's Wife - which she is that serves fresh seafood from their own boat.  It is anchored across the street from the restaurant and is fresh, well cooked and served with a huge smile.  She also bakes fresh key lime pies and also Derby pie, and egg pie.  It is not fancy and the menu is not extensive but it is delicious and not expensive.

 Training Beach for D-Day - Carrabelle Beach FL

 This last picture is very special for the beach at Carrabelle was the training beach for D-Day and the last point before our men shipped out for Normandy.  I was in awe of the history of this place for it trained our armies for the event which changed history and I thought of the many who trained and went and the many who trained and didn't come home.  A site of great historical significance.

Camp Johnston, the base where these men were based is located in the area and has a museum which we did not visit this time but plan to visit the next time.  There will certainly be a next time for enjoyed every minute of our visit. 

If you want a quiet beach with wonderful scenery, good food, and hospitable people, try this area for you will enjoy it.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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