Walking Together

Good morning and I think I am back to write in my blog.  I have been contemplating how to continue with communicating with our family and friends and those who will become our friends through this blog. This has been a difficult decision for we are rather private but here goes.

Our lives have changed since we took this picture several years ago at a family wedding and we are going to share with you how we are travelling this new road and prayerfully it will help those of you who will travel it with us.  I will still post recipes, my crafts, and pictures of our grandchildren so you can see how our family is growing and how I am keeping busy with my hobbies. Now as to why I am changing my blog.

About 4 years ago we had an appointment with a neurologist for Roy was having some balance problems and his walking was becoming slower.  Our wonderful family doctor sent us to him to see what was causing these problems.  When Roy walked into the exam room we heard, "Has anyone ever told you that you have Parkinson's?"  These words didn't mean a lot to us for we didn't know a lot about this disease so we listened and waited for more information.

After a long day of every test imaginable and some we couldn't imagine, we were told it looked like Parkinson's but that is is difficult to diagnose.  It is more of ruling out other problems and treating it as Parkinson's in the meantime. 

We are also finding out there are many different symptoms and you may have some but not all.  We are blessed in that Roy does not have the tremors and the medication is keeping most of symptoms under control.  We are also blessed to have good insurance which helps us with the costs of these medications.

Now as to how we are doing.  The road gets a little more difficult with passing of time but we are coping rather well and that is what we want to share with you.  How do you cope with a debilitating disease and other illnesses?  Each posting will take a step we are are walking, how we are coping, resources you can use and other information we can share.

It will not be morbid, unhappy and sorrowful for we are not any of these.  You see, we have a Heavenly Father who walks each step with us to guide, encourage, give strength and joy to use each minute of every day.  Come walk with us and become a part of our journey, if you like, and share with us how you may be coping with similar problems and we will encourage each other.

By the way, we are going to have another great- granddaughter in December and we are rejoicing!! Our clan is growing.

Ya'll come back to see us and happy trails with us.

The Georgia Peach

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