Good evening from South Georgia on a beautiful, Spring night.  I know it has been quite awhile since I wrote my last posting but I am finding that being a care giver is quite tiring physically, mentally and emotionally.  Most days I am ready for bed quite early and mentally I am drained but I hope writing my blog again will be an energizer. 

The biggest adjustment for us has been realizing we cannot take care of ourselves without help.  We don't have any family here in Adel so we turned to friends who have a help for those of us who need it.  Our sweet lady from Comfort Keepers comes twice a week and helps with everything from laundry to helping Roy exercise and this allows me to go to town and take care of shopping, mail, etc.  She is not only a comfort to us but has also become a good friend and I hope she will be with us as long as we need someone.

Enough about us for I have begun to cook more and have several recipes and ideas for you.  The one for today has been around for quite awhile but I am just now trying it and today I tried a new method with it.  As you can tell from the pictures it is a biscuit recipe.  Now I have been making biscuits for umpteen years from scratch and biscuit mix but I had not tried this one until last week and it is the 7-Up Biscuit

This is the blog where I found the recipe using a Pinterest search and please check here for the recipe:

The only change I made was using Sprite and not 7-Up but it did not make any difference.  Last week I made a single recipe but doubled it today and it was fine. 

This is 14 that I baked today and I froze some unbaked ones to bake later.  I will let you know how those taste.

This morning I cooked sausage patties to go with the biscuits.  I always bake my sausage patties using a baking pan and wire rack to hold the patties.  This allows the fat to drip down into the pan and they have less fat. If you cover them with foil they stay moist and not dry.


These are the beautiful biscuits which are light, fluffy and very good. 

I took split some of them in half and put a sausage patty between the layers, put each one in a zip lock bag and froze them for latter. 

When I get ready to eat them, I will let them thaw and heat them in the oven or microwave.  I think these will be delicious and plan to try them Monday morning, heated and a little strawberry jam added. 
Many of my friends declare they can't make a good biscuit but I can guarantee that you can make a good biscuit with this recipe and impress your family and friends.   One of my friends said they taste like Cracker Barrel biscuits but I think they are better.
I plan to make a recipe soon, cut them smaller and thinner and put slivers of ham between the layers for a snack.  This would be a quick snack to freeze and heat for unexpected company.  Let me know how you use this recipe and I will post again soon.
Nuff Said,
The Georgia Peach

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