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Who Are You?

A new friend asked me several days ago, “Tell me about yourself.”  What do you say?  Do you begin with what you look like, how much you weigh, how tall, how broad, color of hair, and so forth and so on?  They kinda know what I looked like for they have seen some pictures but who knows these days for you can edit the heck out of your pictures.  You can change most any feature you don’t like but I haven’t changed my pictures except to crop and brighten so what you see is what I am.

What next?  What is my identity today?  Well, it has changed in the past 2 years for I used to say the wife of Roy Robson, mother of Becky and Robby and grandmother, great grandmother, aunt and other relations. Now I have a new “label” - I dislike being labeled - but it is “widow”.  It is a label I don’t like, didn’t ask for and wish I could change but because I can’t I guess I will have to consider what this means in my life.

According to a dictionary it is defined as “ widow. n. a woman whose husband died while she was married to him and has not since remarried.”  There are several kinds of widows - spiders, black widows, merry widows, and old and young widows.  Which one fits me?  I know I am not a spider or a black or murderous widow so that leaves merry and old.  I think I prefer being just a widow - one whose husband has died and not remarried.

So, with that out of the way, I am a widow, mother, grandmother, and so forth.  These labels are OK for I love and enjoy my family though they are scattered here, there and yon.  Who I am is part of who they are also.  It is interesting to see our shared genes displayed in many of them.  

With my identity out of the way, how else can I describe myself.  Most importantly I am a Christian or a disciple of Christ and Baptist by denomination.  This personal relationship with my Heavenly Father defines most of who I am  for as I follow Him, I pray to become more like Him each and every day.  I will post more about this one day.

Now to what makes my personality?  I am a combination of country girl who has experienced some of this big world so have a little bit of polish.  Southern born and raised or reared by a Southern Lady made me the same with a lot of “Steel Magnolia” added due to to life events.  Soft but strong, hard headed, determined but compassionate and warm.  That is me I think.

I can listen to classical, jazz, rock, Christian music but Country is my favorite.  I appreciate the finer foods and occasional glass of wine but peas, butterbeans, creamed corn, cornbread, fried okra, sliced tomatoes, fried chicken are the finest foods on earth.  Add a big glass of sweet, iced tea and a piece of “pe-cahn” pie and you have a feast.  A fancy dress is OK but jeans, tee shirt and bare feet are my fashion needs.  Have to add flip flops and a bathing suit and that is it.  

Who am I?  Someone who loves to smile, laugh out loud, play in the rain, walk on the beach, admire the sunrise and sunset, cook a good meal, dance to good music, sing with my choir, play with a child, comfort or rejoice with my friends, and visit with my family.  Not complicated but just me.

Well, I think I have answered the question and maybe enlightened some of my old friends about me.  There are many things I have not said but you will have to ask if you want to know more.

I plan to write more in my blog from now on and share how I am learning to cook for one, shoot the heads off snakes, and travel alone.  Maybe I can help someone else who is on this path.  I will also post lots of pictures, especially from the beach.

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach


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