Plarn Crocheted Baskets

Good morning and come in out of the really hot weather.  90 + for several days and with the rain, the humidity is out the top.  Hibernation in an air conditioned home is the only answer I know so come on in out of the heat.

As I wrote awhile ago, I have been crocheting bags and totes from plarn.  This is yarn made from strips of plastic bags which would be tossed in the trash or used as trash can liners.  Having shown how to do this on Plarn Crocheted Bags, I will show you how it evolved into baskets.

I am fascinated by baskets of all types and many throughout the house holding magazines, yarn, this that and the other.  They were bought in many places and I use them to "hide" lots of "stuff."  Because I have many bags and totes I have crocheted, I began making baskets. 

The one at the top is a little stash basket I keep close by my usual sitting place to keep a pet brush, fingernail clippers, and whatever else I want close by.  It is crocheted from strips made from Piggly Wiggly bags with a Dollar General bag thrown in for a little color and some other store that I can't recall.

They make great fruit and vegetable  baskets for they allow air to circulate, easy to clean - put in sink with warm water and detergent - and will hold lots for it stretches.  These are Walmart bags and I crocheted over poly rope I buy at Dollar Tree.  This adds strength and helps it keep its shape better.  Being plastic rope, it can be washed also.

Another little vegetable bag and I did not crochet over the poly rope but  plarn I made from  clear plastic bags.  This adds strength and keeps those large, clear bags from the landfill.

I tried squaring off the bottom on this one by single crocheting over the row in which I began the sides.  Not sure I like it but it is different and this one is crocheted from large newspaper sleaves from Houston, TX.  My sweet sister-in-law brings them to me.  These are bit heavier and makes a sturdy bag or basket.

 This is my most, difficult one I have made so far.  Adding the top was an experiment that worked out pretty well.  I did a shallow basket a little larger than the bottom and added a wooden button on the top for a handle.  The button was cut for me from a branch I found in the yard.  This one is crochted over heavy twine.  It turned out pretty well and I am using it for sewing projects.

My little project bag made from clear and white bags crocheted over blue poly rope.  This rope from the Dollar Tree is available in red, blue and green and is easy to work with.

This the basket I am working with now and this is how I crochet over the rope.  I hold it along the row I am  crocheting and carry the plarn over it with each stitch - easy as pie.  I use a size G crochet hook and single crochet for most of the basket with some half double crochet for the sides. 

I don't use a pattern for I have been crocheting for so long I design my own as I crochet so no basket or bag is the same.  You can use any basket or bag pattern you like and they are easily found on the Internet.

There are several baskets and bags in my Etsy shop for sale if you would like to have a peek at Yarn & More.  I will adding more baskets in the future so check back often.

 I hope you will try this if you crochet and save lots of plastic bags from the landfill.  Your friends will be glad to save bags for you.  They are good for the beach and pool, shopping, or diaper bags.  Try it.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


sammysgrammy said...

You are a "one woman recycling center". Fantastic idea, putting that almost indestructable material to good re-use.

Frances said...

Thank you and I love to do it - don't like to throw anything away

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

These are so cool and so creative! I love the white one with the handles.....going to check out your shop....

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

These are so cool and so creative! I love the white one with the handles....going to check out your shop....

seika said...

What a great idea! I hate nylon bags, but crocheting gives them a friendly outlook. Congrats!