The Last Rays over Lake Eufaula by Frances Robson

Good evening. Ya'll come on in the house and sit awhile. It has been a lazy day for me for I was slap worn out from working in the food pantry at the church yesterday. We served about 80 families in 3 hours and it was hard work. Packing groceries, toting boxes, unpacking boxes and trying to keep up with the people who needed us.

It is such a blessing to be able to help those who have needs and I have met some really nice people. There is a lady who comes most every month and I think she is in her 90's but spry as a cricket. If you ask her how she is doing she aways says "fine" with a great big smile. We love it when she sings for us for she has a lovely voice and enjoys singing praises to our Lord. She is just one of the many special people we have the blessing to help.

Being so tired, I just kinda took it easy today. I did hem 3 light blankets for our new great-granddaughter who will be arriving soon. Tomorrow I plan to make a "pillowcase dress" out of 2 tea towels which are made from a lightweight batiste and embroidered around the bottom. I'll post some pictures on the blog when I finish with it.

I been thinking about an experience we had last week. We spent several hours in a car dealership trying to buy a car. Now I don't buy a car until mine is about 7 or 8 years old and beginning to have some problems. Having a new car is not that important to me but it is nice to smell the "new" interior. So, we bit the bullet and went car hunting.

We always deal with the same dealership and I wanted another Camry which I have been driving for about twenty plus years. My sweet, baby brother asked me if I had a death wish but I figure with all the problems they have been having those cars have been examined, re-examined, tested and tested again. I had no qualms about getting another one and that is what I wanted.

The other thing I like about buying a Camry is that they don't change a lot from year to year. When I got in it I had no trouble driving it for it almost felt like my old car. It does have the gears in the console and I have reached up to the steering column a number of times but I'll get the hang of it soon I hope. I'm qa driver of habit that I almost drive without thinking and moving that gear shift is taking some thought on my part. Gets harder to do the older you get but I'll get it.

As we drove out I saw the car I really wanted - a red convertible. I looked and drooled but then my practical nature kicked in and I thought about how would I ever get out of it. Do you know how low to the ground those lovely cars are? Getting in it would not be a problem for you could just kinda fall in it but getting out would be a whole nuther matter. I can just picture someone or some ones picking me up in the seated position and my back being permanently frozen in that position. So, even though that little, red, car would show off my white hair and I would look really awesome driving it down I 75, I guess I'll just have to stay with my nice, boring Camry. I did get a spoiler to go on the trunk to add a little spice to it.

As we waited for all the paperwork to get done I watched the salesmen wandering around. It's an interesting way to waste time watching people and since I'm a Southern Lady, watching men is our time-waster of choice. It was interesting to watch the various personalities and I made the unscientific observation that the way a lot of men dress tell you a lot about them. It was quite interesting so I thought I would share my unscientific observations with you.

As we approached the dealership a young man and young lady were sitting in a golf cart in the parking lot. He was like a little beagle puppy with bouncy step, smiling face and quite cute. If he had a tail he would have been wagging it and his tongue would have been hanging out and he would have just danced around us wanting to please us. We told him we had an appointment so he insisted on showing us the door and calling our salesman although we knew where both were. He had lots of energy and good looks but I think I would have had a nervous break down trying to keep up with him while we shopped for a car. I wanted to pat him on the head, say "down boy" and scratch him behind the ears to see if we could calm him down.

Then there was the young man walking around in his suit, starched shirt, tie and shiny shoes. He did not smile or speak to anyone but just walked around looking important with a nice portfolio under his arm. Of course he had to check his blackberry several times, looked at his watch numerous times, and looked very serious. It was obvious he was not a salesman or greeter for he was much too impressed with himself and his importance. I had this huge urge to go up to him and tickle him in the ribs and say "Smile, you're on candid camera." I didn't for I was afraid he would be so surprised he would just break into tears at being forced to laugh, bless his heart. I do hope he relaxes sometimes for he is a seriously, serious fellow.

The one who really was impressed with himself was the little man in the yellow, dress shirt with the bright tie, and really shiny shoes. His hair was all moussed up and standing on end, the beard was stylishly shadowed on his face, the eyes were bright, the blackberry was out, texting, checking the watch, talking on the cell phone, dashing around in the golf cart and swirling and twirling and in perpetual motion. I just wanted to jump up and scream "CHILL." Bless his heart he would probably had a heart attack and just crumble. Bless his heart he was clearly ADD or ADHD but he was really trying to impress everyone with his looks and energy. I was just plain worn out from watching him.

Then there was our salesman we have dealt with several times and this is why. He had on a nice dress shirt, open collar, shiny shoes, smile on his face and calm and cool as a cucumber. He had the car waiting that he knew I would like, the golf cart ready to take us to the car, and it was exactly what I wanted. He calmly took care of all the details, offered us cold drinks, and made sure we were happy. No blackberry or cell phone ringing, no dancing around wagging his tail, no stiff upper lip, no moussed up hair just professionalism and confidence. He doesn't push, talk a lot or try to flatter me just shows the car, lets me make my decision and offers me a good price.

It was fun watching all the others running, dancing, flitting around like a bunch of little puppies trying to get your attention. Now I appreciate their good points but they bout wore me out being so busy. I just wanted to pat them on the head and say, Good boy but just settle down.

An interesting afternoon and I enjoyed the show. It's fun watching people trying to act important, bless their hearts.
Think I'll turn in and read my book awhile. Ya'll come back to see me and sit on the 'Net Porch for a glass of sweet, iced tea and a little conversation.

The Georgia Peach

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