Good evening and come on in the house for a visit. It is a "Rainy Night in Georgia" and we are loving every drop of it for we were so dry. To see water standing is a blessing and we can almost here the grass growing so thank goodness for Stuart and his trusty lawnmower. By Wednesday it should be tall enough for him to earn his pay.

Well, Roy and I had a totally new experience this week for we went shopping for a hot tub since his hip and back are giving him fits with pain. I kinda think that the warm water and pulsing will help relieve some of the pain and relax him. My arthritis in my back and shoulders can also use some of this therapy so off we went.

Now I have to research everything before we ever leave the house and I began to tear up the Internet looking at hot tubs. I soon discovered that I am woefully behind times with my vocabulary for they are better known as spas not hot tubs. To me a "spa" is that place you go to be massaged and pampered for a day or 2 but it seems that is the correct term for a hot tub these days so I changed my search terms to "spa" and began again.

Did you know there are numerous types of spas with numerous different features and I soon became totally confused. We were looking for a small hot tub which would hold 2 people, have some pulsing jets and stay warm for us to get in and relax and relieve the aching joints. Thinking about friends who had one, I called one to find out what kind they had and where they bought it. Personal recommendations are always the best and she gave us good information.

Looking up the website of the company on the 'Net, I soon found exactly what we were looking for. There was a spa which held 2 people, was small compact and was just what we needed so I printed off the information and we headed off to the dealer to purchase our "spa" to use for water therapy for sore and aching backs.

When we arrived at the dealer and walked in the door I was a little bewildered by the array displayed on the showroom floor and this was a small dealer. There were 4 different kinds of spas, many accessories, in ground spas and pools, chemicals, and who knows what else. It was all beautifully displayed but I just wanted a hot tub for 2 people and was glad when a nice looking young man asked if he could help us.

Looking efficient and knowledgeable, I gave the model name and number and prepared to deal. He turned me over to the owner, a nice man, and he began to show us the different models and explain all about jets, power, skimming, covers, how to program the jets, what chemicals to add and when and on and on until my mind was overloaded and my eyes were glazed over. He was using a spa in which you could have a whole Sunday School class party in and it almost cooked supper for you as well as pulsed, caressed, heated and inspired you. Wow, what in the world was all of this for I just wanted a small hot tub to make these old joints feel better.

He didn't have one on the floor so told us he would try to find us one from another dealer here in Georgia so we had to come home with no spa. Checking with him each day soon lead to disappointment for he couldn't find one and we thought, "Oh shoot, guess we'll have to start over." I didn't want to do that for we really liked this gentleman and knew he would be fair and square with us.

Later in the week he called us to say he couldn't find one, it would take 2 - 3 weeks to get one from the factory which really disappointed me but then he made us an offer we couldn't refuse. He offered us a larger one he had for the same price!!! Well, yes, we would surely be willing to do that so they arranged to bring it the next day to set it up on our patio. We scrambled to move the grill and chairs and sweep off the patio in great anticipation for our "SPA" for by now I realized we were not getting a "hot tub" but a full-blown spa.

The next morning these 2 nice young men showed up with our purchase and began to set it up. Wow, what a big "hot tub" and when he began to explain about the jets, the lights which changed colors, the little waterfall, the seats, the lounge, the options we had, I began to feel faint and wonder if I would ever figure out how to operate this thing. He realized I was about to faint from information overload and showed me how to turn it on, set the heat, explained the chemicals and set it to heat and pulse and told us to enjoy.

Now that I can handle and I'll figure out the changing lights, the disco light, and the little waterfall later if ever. We just wanted hot water that pulsed around the joints to loosen them up and make us feel better. We waited with anticipation for night to come for we wanted to use it just before we went to bed for we knew it would relax us so we could sleep better.

Night came, dark fell, and bed time was approaching so we decided it was time to try out our new toy. Now we live out in the country with not no close neighbors and it was dark so why not just go "Au natural" or skinny dipping? We cut out all the lights except for the outside security light, shucked the clothes, grabbed a towel and climbed right in and we were enthralled. I tried out all the seats, turned jets on and off, played with the power of the jets, floated, tried out the waterfall, turned on the lights and had a wonderful time. The only problem is that I am ADD and sitting still for more than a few minutes is difficult for me but I think I can adjust.

The next night at midnight we were back in spa and all relaxed and slept like babies when we went to bed. We almost went to sleep in the spa except I was knew I would drown in all this pleasure so I got out and fell in the bed. It is a great investment.

I have only one problem- I am older. Can you imagine how much fun you could have in one of these playpens if you were young? Now I know why they have them at all the fun places for I figure you could have a great deal of fun in one of these if you were not old so I will just have to imagine and dream about being young again.

Now ya'll come to see us and join us in the spa and I promise we will put on our bathing suits so bring yours with you for I'm not into looking at "nekkid" bodies except mine and Roy's.

Be careful going home and come back to see us.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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