Gulf Shores Birthday

Gulf Shores, AL 2012


Good evening I know it has been awhile but have not had the time or inclination to write anything.  Haven't been cooking much so I don't have any new recipes and haven't been doing much so nothing to talk about.  We have had 2 events this past month which we enjoyed - our annual trip to Gulf Shores Alabama and celebrating my 70th birthday while we were there.

 These are 3 of our GREAT nieces from Houston which we met for the week and we always have a wonderful time with them.  This is Morgan, Taylor and Katelyn and they are a total joy. 

This year I taught them to knit on their fingers and I think lots of people will get beautiful scarves for Christmas.  It is amazing how quickly they learned the skill and were soon busy making long scarves of colorful yarn.  I love to pass on a skill to them and next year I hope to teach them how to crochet or knit so they will have another valuable skill and hobby.  They are soooo smart.

 This is Martha, my sweet sister-in-love who is the MeMaw for the sweet girls.  She and Taylor spend a lot of time together and when MeMaw is present, the rest of us do not exist.  They are making the first of 2 banana puddings for us to enjoy and it was delicious.  I think Taylor is going to be a good cook like her grandmother for she is getting lots of good instruction.

We have known Martha most of her life for she is from my home town and was my brother's girlfriend in the 4th grade and on and on.  They were happily married for many years before lung disease took him Home  but she is my sister and we love each other and wish we lived closer together.  Houston is a long way from Adel, GA but at least we see each other once a year at the beach.

This is my niece and her family which we have met in Gulf Shores for the last 2 years for a vacation.  This is Beth, Gregg, Katelyn, Morgan and Taylor from Houston, TX.  It has been a complete joy to meet them at the beach for that is our favorite place to go and this beach is where we went when we were children and teenagers growing up in Camden, AL.  Beth used to go occasionally when she was a little girl and now we are continuing the Polk tradition of enjoying a little piece of heaven here on earth. 

Our daughter, Becky was able to come down for a few days to relax and help celebrate my birthday.  You notice there are no candles for we didn't want to burn the house down and not sure they would have all fit on the cake.  We ate supper at our favorite seafood restaurant in Orange Beach and my daughter made sure the waitress knew it was my 70th birthday which was announced to about 1/2 the restaurant and they all sang "Happy Birthday" and I got a delicious slice of real key lime pie which we all shared.  Good food, good time and lots of fun and love to share.


This was one of my favorite moments with Becky for we are doing what we both love - standing by the sea, watching the waves, and just enjoying being together.  Love the beach and love that girl.
Turning 70 was not that bad and I think I look pretty cool for a 70 year old!! It is the beginning of a new decade for me and it has its perks.  You get discounts without asking and your taxes go down.  Best of all, you have learned who you are, what you want with the years you have left, and you can live how you want to and not worry about what other people think.  These "other people" will overlook forgetfullness, unusual behavior, strange outfits, and other weird behaviour for they will just shake their heads and say, "Bless her heart, she is getting old."  Freedom is mine to be who I want to be, act like I want to act, say what I want to say and mix plaids and polka dots without worrying if it matches. 
I look forward to the coming years and without sadness realize they may be many or they will be some, and they may be few but that's OK for I plan to live each day fully and enjoy what I have.  Life is good and thank you Beth, Gregg, Martha, Becky, Katelyn, Morgan and Taylor giving me a great birthday.  Love ya'll. I just hope more of the family can come next year for it was wonderful but we missed those who were not there. 
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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